Hello. I'd like to share with all of our visitors how this project began and is progressing to bring to you CollegiateCamo brand apparel and accessories. The first phase of CollegiateCamo/CamoCat originated from the concept of two interests and passions.

The goal of this concept was for Kansas State Wildcat supporters to combine their loyalty for outdoor activities with their strong support of the Wildcats all in one integrated design. Since most of us take great pride in displaying what is of value to us, integrating these concepts seemed appropriate.

My family, friends and especially my brother, Mitch and I are strong supporters of hunting, fishing and shooting. And, since we are Kansas residents with a connection to KSU this concept seemed to be a naturalĀ for all of us to validate our passions.

What was born initially was the Wildcat Waterfowler theme, which was my first concept and from that grew the other designs currently available. Stay tuned for additional themes and items as this concept progresses.

The popularity of the brand has spurred interest from customers and prospective customers to expand the offering to other universities and colleges. Since my parents are and always have been strong supporters and alumni of Mizzou it was natural to expand there. Now we are offering KSU and Mizzou logo CollegiateCamo decals, apparel and accessories, along with a host of other schools. Stay tuned for many more additions in the near future!

My hope is that you are able to enjoy the visual display of the decals on your vehicle as well as wear CollegiateCamo designs with pride.

Marty Morris