Interview with Steve Physioc, Sports Broadcaster

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Steve Physioc and Marques Johnson Announcing Steve Physioc broadcasted Major League Baseball for 25 years, NBA,  and now does Pac-10 and Big 12 football and basketball for Fox Sports Net. He was gracious enough to grant an interview with CollegiateCamo to share his experience and expertise in sports broadcasting!

CollegiateCamo: How did you become a sports broadcaster?

Steve Physioc: I became a broadcaster while at Kansas State University. I majored in Radio-TV and fell in love with play-by-play the first game I did between Luckey HS and Wakefield. I walked out of the booth saying this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. I graduated in 1977, spent two years in radio in Hastings Nebraska, four at WIBW in Topeka, four at WLWT in Cincinnati, 10 in SF bay area and the last 15 in SoCal.

CollegiateCamo: How do you stay objective when your favorite team is on the field or court?

Steve Physioc: That’s called professionalism. I currently do Big 12 and Pac-10 football and basketball and I have friends on every coaching staff. I just want to see a wonderfully played game, exciting to the end and hope my words make the pictures more attractive to the viewers. I have done team jobs before; Angels, Reds, Giants in MLB and Warriors and Grizzlies in the NBA and obviously you want the team you are broadcasting to do well, but you have a responsibility to your audience to be honest.

CollegiateCamo: What is the most outrageous moment you can remember from a game upon which you commentated?

Steve Physioc: I worked in Cincinnati as a sportscaster and pxp broadcaster for the Reds. I had Reds reliever John Franco on my sportscast to talk about the all-star game he appeared in. He never got in the game, so I showed highlights of him chewing gum, leaning against the dugout rail and talking with teammates. We all had a laugh over that but Franco said he would have his payback. The next day I was doing a live shot at Riverfront Stadium with the other all-star (who did play), Dave Parker, and was set up. Parker made sure I wasnt watching and while we were on the air live Franco came around and pied me with shaving cream in the face. I had to do the rest of the show with pie on my face! Good fun and payback is sweet.

CollegiateCamo: How does your family fit into the traveling lifestyle of a professional sports broadcaster?

Steve Physioc: I have been married to the most wonderful woman the last 25 years. Stacey was raised in the business (her father was a weather-man and Saturday morning clown in St. Louis) and she spent several years in our industry. Stacey understands the demands of the business and is very independent. Our kids are grown now so she has an open invitation to join me on the road for any game, but a good woman is mighty important when you’re away from family so much. We have two grown children, who when they were young, joined me on the road often and when I was home, I was home. I played and hung out with family. I’m a very lucky guy to have three people who support and love me.

CollegiateCamo: What is your favorite college team? Who do we need to keep our eye on this year?

Steve Physioc: I enjoy both conferences I have covered this year. Broadcasting Big 12 games has been a blast because I grew up in that Conference when I attended K-State, then later broadcast Wildcat games on WIBW. I have done Pac-10 sports for more than 20 years, so I have many friends on every team. Watch out for Washington and Arizona in the Pac-10 this year. Very good and well-coached. I like Kansas, Missouri and Kansas State in the Big 12. All well-coached with talent.

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