Jugging pre-season & wedding

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Well, it’s almost the big day! That’s right, Ohio’s bow season opens exactly 12 days from today. I couldn’t be more excited! Oh, wait. That’s not the big day I’m supposed to be talking about.. The first big day is my wedding day. My fiancee and I are getting married on Sept. 20.

Now I will tell you I love her more than anything. But with that love has to come with some compromise. I know all you hardcore guys out there are saying there’s no way you’d be getting hitched this close to hunting season. (Secretly, I asked the wedding be the 20th instead of the 27th for the right reasons!) But to tell you the truth, it hasn’t been that bad. I’ve really had it easy with all of this wedding planning. Brittany has been on top of it all, while I’m able to help out and also get ready for bow season.

It really all comes down to planning & more planning. It’s sometimes difficult to plan your days and weeks out, but it really does come in handy. For example, planning all of your wedding preparations for the mornings so you’re able to get into the woods & prep for season in the afternoons or vice versa. It doesn’t hurt to help to have someone who definitely understands your hunting way of life.

So as I write this, we’re putting the finishing touches on preparations, so it’s really hard to find a good topic to write about. So, I’ll continue to ramble on about the next two weeks of my life.

After getting married on Saturday, we’re heading to Nashville, Tennessee for our honeymoon. We went to Nashville a few years ago, and loved it. We’ll be there through Sept. 25, returning just in time for archery season!

I’ll have Friday to get all packed up and head to deer camp for the weekend. I figured what better way to break into our marriage than a nice honeymoon followed by a weekend without me at home.

I'll be after "Wide Load" starting Sept. 27

I’ll be after “Wide Load” starting Sept. 27!

Hopefully I’ll be writing my next entry about how well our wedding went, and hopefully holding a picture of a big buck!

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For Her Eyes Only: Lingerie & Loungewear for Weddings!

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Camouflage LingerieWe are sure that you have read our blog about camo weddings. Thanks to so many companies with great ideas, camo is everywhere and in everything now! Here are some ideas for your other wedding-related festivities, like bachelorette parties, bridal showers and of coures the honeymoon.

I met my boyfriend while wearing a CollegiateCamo camisole and we have been inseparable ever since. I don’t feel this is a coincidence – camo is man-bait!

  1. Your bachelorette party will be a blast when you and your army of bridesmaids are dressed in camo! Imagine hitting the town in everyone’s favorite color – camouflage. Our camo tank tops look great alone or underneath a light jacket. If you are feeling a little more sassy, go with one of our pink camo camisoles. They are a customer favorite and are super-sexy to boot!
  2. Stop boring bachelorette games in their tracks, and knock out the guests when the prize for your bachelorette party games is a sexy camo babydoll set!
  3. Request that your bridal shower is one to remember when everyone wears matching tank tops. Get the mother of the bride in on the action, too! Imagine the look on her face when she’s given a camo henley shirt to wear! It beats any other bridal shower attire that there is!
  4. Get your maid-of-honor and bridesmaids gifts in camo. Maybe a camo nightgown will do, or some cute boyshorts! We have plenty of options at CollegiateCamo!
  5. Don’t forget the honeymoon! Suprise the groom with some of the cutest, sexiest lingerie you have ever seen. He will be delighted when he realizes he doesn’t need a owner’s manual to “operate” them either. Here’s a complete listing of all our camouflage lingerie and loungerwear.

Have fun! This is a once-in-a-lifetime event. It is stressful enough planning and executing a wedding. We would be happy to help you with your camo-clad plans. Just give us a call at 888-417-9386 or email us at info@collegiatecamo.com

Would You Dare Have a Camouflage Wedding Day?

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White dresses, huge veils and trains, grooms dressed up in the tuxes they will have to return in a few days, huge guest lists and two people vowing to spend their lives together…. What could make this moment more beautiful? Camo! We at CollegiateCamo have come to the consensus that everything is better in camo. Have a dog? Get it camo! Have a baby? It will look adorable (and deer stand-ready) in Real Tree Hardwoods onesies! Camo is literally everywhere these days. Since we are full swing into June, I could not ignore the wedding theme after seeing camo wedding ring sets, we had to do something to show folks how fun camo can be!

A bride can order her full dress from a shop like Camo Formal wedding dresses, you can find RealTree camouflage wedding rings, and bakeries can make you a custom-designed cake that will suit your liking. Don’t forget the wedding night! CollegiateCamo offers plenty of CollegiateCamo camo lingerie and loungewear for the honeymoon for the bride as well. These few items are not the end though; I have seen TV shows where the couples get married in a deer stand!

Will your bride-to-be want to be in a camo wedding? Maybe, maybe not, but you can do as little or as much as you want. From wearing just a camo garter to a full blown camo wedding gown, she does have her options. (And women like options, trust me on that one!) Either way, good luck with the plans and we hope you find these pictures as fitting for an outdoors couple wedding as we did!

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