Mizzou Shooting Team Fundraiser

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Ryan Mason & Larry Houston have a very special friendship that is bound by their loyalty to the University of Missouri Tigers and their love for shooting sports. Ryan is this years reigning ACUI champ for Men’s Combined Trap Events; Larry was on the 1972 Mizzou team that won the ACUI International Trap championship.

They met this year at the Kansas State “Meet me at the Crossroads” collegiate event in which several collegiate teams traveled to Kansas City from as far away as Virginia Tech to compete for titles.

It was a match made in Heaven! They began discussing old times; reunion ideas; shooting events….and the Tiger Open concept was born. Ryan has done all the planning and logistics and Larry has contacted all his former team mates from 1971 & 72 to invite them to attend. They are both surprised at the interest and the response from former team mates that plan to travel back to Columbia for a fun weekend of camaraderie and shooting.

We asked Larry about the team back in 1971 and this is the report we got:

“In 1971 there wasn’t a shot gun team at Mizzou; I learned that other colleges were competing nationally and started recruiting my quail hunting buddies to form a team. Few of them had any experience with shooting clay targets. We all practiced regularly. At that time the ACUI tournament was held at the Lake of the Ozarks at the Missouri Trap Shooters Association grounds. Our team competed there in 1971 and won 2nd place in International Trap and placed in the top 10 teams for American Trap. The 2nd year (1972) the team won the International Trap division and I took 2nd place in Individual Trap, losing by 1 target to Steve Carmichael. That year we took 2nd place in American Trap. Due to our performance, all of the team members received an invitation to the Olympic Regional Trials in San Antonio. Bill Fretwell and I drove to San Antonio from Missouri and competed. I was the winner of the gold medal in the college division. Because of that I received an invitation to the Olympic Trials for the 1972 Munich Olympics. It was an honor to be among the approximately 75 shooters in the nation that received the invitation.

Since that time I’ve only been in contact with 1 of my former team mates. When Ryan and I began discussing a reunion event to benefit the current team we got really excited. Many of my teammates plan to attend.”

CollegiateCamo.com is very happy to announce that we will be sponsoring the first ever Tiger Open that will directly benefit the University of Missouri’s shooting team. Come out and meet present national awards winners from the MU team and members from the 1972 ACUI International Trap Team Champions will be there!

The event is being held on July 30-31st, 2011 at Prairie Grove Shotgun Sports in Columbia, MO. The event opens at 9 am on July 30 with the sporting clays event and lasts until 2 pm. The fun continues on Sunday with the trap and wobble trap event.

For the GPS-enabled folks, the address to the fund raiser is:

Prairie Grove Shotgun Sports

1420 County Road 276

Columbia, MO 65202

Awards will be presented to the top shooters and don’t forget all the great camo MU Tigers items that will be available for sale at the booth! Come have a great time supporting a great cause! We look forward to seeing you there!

March Madness Hits the Big 12 Region

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Big 12 Conference in March Madness Tournament

Big 12 Conference in March Madness Tournament

CollegiateCamo Headquarters are located outside of Kansas City, so it is hard to ignore the Big 12 tournament at Sprint Center in the always happening Power and Light District. Everywhere you go, there are promotional materials for the tourney, it’s always on the news, billboards, commercials, and if it is a form of advertisement- it’s around town.

The first round boasts some pretty good games. In my opinion rivalry is the best part about any college game. At any given sports bar, we have KU, K-State, Mizzou, Iowa, Iowa State and Nebraska fans all in the same watering hole. I’ve never heard of an argument breaking out, so it’s nice to know we can take our passion, team pride, wins, losses, humiliation and triumphs in stride. No matter how low or high a team is ranked, fans stay loyal to their teams.

Fans around here are so rabid that they take vacation days from work so they don’t miss a single moment of it. Oftentimes, companies will even have televisions available for employees to watch the game on. It’s nice to see that the boss is a fan, too! Just make sure you hide your enthusiasm when his favorite team and your favorite team are rivals!

For four short days in March of every year, the 12 teams come in, play their best and the victors go home at the end, knowing the outcome of this tourney has changed the players’ basketball careers permanently. CollegiateCamo is very happy to have this 2011 NCAA Tournament supporting the college basketball teams within and near our headquarters in Kansas City. We know that you all will be watching, either at home, at a friend’s house, your favorite sports bar or even in a seat at the game.

Neal Rohrbach at American Outdoor Show

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Neal RohrbackPro-Staffer Neal Rohrbach shows his CollegiateCamo pride at The American Outdoor Show in Rosemont, Illinois. Neal loves his camo Mizzou gear from CollegiateCamo! You can read his America’s Outdoor Show bio or his CollegiateCamo Pro-Staff bio. For interested fans, he will be signing autographs at the Outdoor Channel booth! The show goes from January 26 to 30. You can get tickets for 50% off by using discount code XB50F at checkout at The American Outdoors Show.

MU Defeats KU! (Again)

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We’re not just talking about the Border War 2010 Showdown at Arrowhead Stadium, where the Missouri Tigers stomped the Kansas Jayhawks in a 35 to 7 football game. Mizzou beat Kansas in another way last month. Loyal fans! Last month Tigers fans took down the Jayhawks in the number of camo fan items purchased from CollegiateCamo!

University of Kansas Jayhawks sold 15 items!

University of Missouri Tigers sold 18 items!

Full-disclosure, we tend to lean a little MU-friendly here at CollegiateCamo, but we promise it wasn’t rigged and we’re not buying our own stuff! A victory is still a victory! Go Tigers!

Missouri vs Kansas Border Showdown 2010

MU Tigers vs KU Jayhawks Border Showdown 2010

Shootin’ Bucks and Watchin’ Football

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CollegiateCamo having a BUCK-tacular weekend!

Here are pictures of our founder, Marty (a Kansas State University Wildcats fan and student) and his mom, Pam (University of Missouri Tigers fan) showing off Marty’s 8-point buck taken down in Mizzou territory. The irony is that this buck was taken the same weekend Mizzou beat K-State. Kansas State may have lost on their field, but our own K-state fan won in the field!

Speaking of bucks going down, our Pro Staffer Donny “Gatorman” Bartow (Georgia Bulldogs fan) shows that he doesn’t just take down alligators! Check him out with this 13-point, 225-pound beauty.

Congrats on your teams’ wins and congrats on your beautiful trophies!

Speaking of which, don’t forget about our “Decal your Trophy” decals. You shoot your buck, then send us the picture, and we’ll make it into a custom decal just for you. Keep on sending in those field photos and we will keep posting them!

Shoot like a girl? Better hope you can.

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Annie Oakley Rifle
Better be careful with how you answer that, because you might just be asking for more competition than you can handle, guys. History has proven that women can hold their own when it comes to firearms and beat even the toughest competition – men or women.

When you hear the name Annie Oakley, certainly you imagine scenes of the old west back to the late 1800s and early 1900s. You’ve seen the photos of Annie with her rifle, dressed in a long flowing dress and a smile on her face. She was quite the sharpshooter and exhibition shooter. Her talents gave her the title of first American female superstar acting in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show. It’s been told that Annie could with her .22 caliber rifle split a playing card 90 feet up and split it card edge on plus putting 5 or 6 more holes in the card before hitting the ground.

Then there were the other female shooting heroes of the Old West! Calamity Jane who was a sharp shooter and also a performer in Buffalo Bills show. It’s been told she liked her alcohol — wonder if that’s where the name came from? And then there was Belle Starr who liked to hang out with the desperados back then. Could she have been the originator of “Good girls have no fun”? She reportedly had several marriages and a bad temper. (I wonder which came first.) Importantly, though—she could shoot!

Now to bring us up to date with some of the modern gals that are the best of the best. Kim Rhode is our American hero. Four-time Olympian 1996, 2004 gold medalist,2000 bronze medalist,2008 silver medalist. Kim got her competitive start in American skeet, winning the championship at age 13 then becoming captain of the All American team at 14.

Our own Midwest gal Haley Dunn from Eddyville, Iowa started shotgunning competitively at age 12. When she was 14, she entered the Iowa State Sporting Cays Championship and won the Gold Medal. Haley was the youngest lady champion in the event’s history. From there she went on to claim the Iowa state championship three more times. Lucky for the University of Missouri, where Haley graduated with a degree in Agricultural Business Management in 2007, she was active with the Mizzou Shooting Team. There she won the Gold Medal and HOA Ladies Championship at the ACUI Intercollegiate Clay Target National Championships. Haley recently claimed her first Gold medal of 2010 at the shotgun World Cup in Lonato, Italy, taking her first step toward the 2012 Olympic Games. Impressively, she is ranked #1 in the USA, and is making her second appearance on the 2010 World Cup circuit. She smashed 73 out of 75 targets, and entered the Final with a one target lead over the rest of the field. Missing only one target in the Final, Dunn ended the day hitting 97 out of 100.

We will keep an eye out for great shooting achievements from all women who do “shoot like girls” and are proud of it.

Big 12 Breaks Down

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Does a border even matter—where are the minutemen of the Big 12 Borders when you need them? How can this happen in a seemingly overnight tragedy? What was one of the best bragging rights conferences looks to be no more in a matter of just a few days, or even hours. And, to think that it all started with the defection of University of Colorado, followed closely by Nebraska. For those of us who don’t understand all the money enhancements that come from these types of negotiation our hearts are broken.

The Big 12 is known for the best rivalries in the nation. Now with this fiasco we have become the “pity” of other conference fans. The pity mongers discuss poor Mizzou, KU, Kansas State and Iowa State (and Baylor). Baylor gets a little bit of a reprieve for having the Texas clout and being a private institution.

Big 12 Conference Loses Colorado and NebraskaWhere will everyone end up? Better save those old “Big 12” conference T-shirts – they could bring a mint on eBay! The big money is in football, but the above mentioned uiversiities aren’t all that bad at football, with bowl bids in the last several years. Yes, understandably it’s the TV money and Kansas City just isn’t a big market. However, these schools offer monetary support to the Kansas City economy and all of this shifting around is detrimental to the area.

So unfortunately, while the Big 12 commissioner was sleeping the big deals were being made that have desecrated the conference. I can’t imagine that KU would be too happy with this kind of representation; they are one of the most visible athletic institutions in the nation, not just the Big 12. Next to Texas (UT) I would guess the biggest in the Big 12. So where will KU end up? Oh yeah, they’re a “basketball” school and all of this commotion is about football—right?

The hot rivalries in the Big 12 is what makes this so much fun for the fans. The KU vs MU rivalry isn’t just born out of hothead college students. This rivalry goes way back to the civil war! Not to mention, the Kansas State vs KU rivalry never ends – just take a drive on I-70 between Lawrence and Manhattan and it’s quite visible.

The next few days will have fans of the original Big 12 biting their nails in anticipation of where their favorite team will end up. Will Mizzou possibly go to the Big 10 and the new big rivalry for them will be University of Illinois (less the civil war)? Will KU move to the Pac 10? How about K-State, Iowa State and Baylor?

It just doesn’t “pay” to be loyal these days — loyalty never got you anywhere but in a crisis.  It unfortunately seems that it is only the money that counts. If you ask us here at CollegiateCamo, t is a sad, sad day in the world of college sports.

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