Dog Day Productivity

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Let’s be honest.  Does anyone get excited about the month of August?  Other than birthdays and the great Grange Fair, August is a dull time of the year.  It’s hot and muggy and the fishing is almost nonexistent as the water temperatures rise and the creek beds go shallow.  Time seems to stand still as a fisherman during this sluggish season, but anglers can still be productive!   Follow these hints to breeze through August:


1)  Shoot Your Bow

Although fishing is my number one passion I still get a strong case of buck fever every year.  Do not let your whitetail seasons creep up on you before you know it.  Whether you’re an archery or rifle hunter, there is no better time to start practicing your shot, and August is the perfect month to do so.  With the day light still persisting well past 8pm, shooting in the late evening after work or class is a great way to finish the day, relax, and get some needed practice in.  Remember, you don’t want to wound that buck, you want to kill it on the spot.


2)  Plan a Trip

Fall fishing is often overlooked.  The fall is a great time to catch some big spawning steelhead or feeding bass prepping for winter.  Call up your buddies and plan a weekend trip to a body of water you do not usually get to. Every year I team up with my fishing buddies and head to Erie, PA, for lunker steelhead and have an awesome time. Lodging rates usually drop in the fall and the cooler weather is perfect for a fun fishing trip.  Don’t miss out on the feeding frenzy.


3)  Learn to Make Beer/Wine

Fall means football!  And football means tailgating!  August is the perfect time to learn how to make some homemade brew in preparation for a tailgate party.  The months that separate August from football season are the perfect time period to allow your beverage to age properly.  Not only is a tall cold glass of your own brew satisfying with friends at a tailgate, it is also relaxing after a long day in the woods or on the water.  I have a gallon of wild black raspberry in the basement aging right now!  You will impress your family and friends.


4)  Tie or Paint

If you think home brewing is satisfying, wait until you catch a fish on your own lure.  Stocking up on flies or lures in preparation for the fall fishing frenzy is a must for fishermen.  The long hot days of August are perfect for getting down in the cool basement to paint your own jerk baits or tie your own flies.  You don’t want to run out of what is hot and be high and dry on the water, so take time to get crafty.  Make many and make multiples.  You can also save a few bucks by making your own as well!


5)  Work Out

This is a must.  Unless have been out on a regular basis hiking mountains and stacking firewood at your camp, if you do not hit the gym right now you will be gassed on the first hill on the opening day of hunting season.  Take the time now to get into shape so you will be able to hike long drives, trek up and down mountains, and be able to drag out a big deer or bear after a successful day.  Trust me, you will feel better and your body will hold up longer throughout the long weeks of the hunting season if you get on a workout routine now.  I suggest higher repetitions with lower weight AND cardio work.  It will help you.


For more advice, tips, trips and more check out  Have a fantastic August!

Top 5 Drinks for Outdoorsmen

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Shotgun Shell ShotsTrue hunters, fishers and outdoorsmen who are passionate about their favorite university’s college sports are no stranger to tailgate parties and other occasions that call for a solid drink.

The CollegiateCamo family recently gathered to celebrate Christmas together, and in honor of our favorite activities – the great outdoors and college sports – we came up with our “Top 5 Drinks for Outdoorsmen” to share with the world! (Prepare yourself – there’s a lot of whiskey involved.)

Of course, the CollegiateCamo team wouldn’t be caught dead taking shots out of anything but shotgun shells. What are your favorite drinks for the great outdoorsman and college sports fan? Share your tips here!

1. Jägermeister

This German 70-proof herbal liqueur’s name literally translates to “hunt-master,” or more flexibly “gamekeeper” or “forest supervisor.” The logo is the head of a stag with a cross between its antlers – a reference to Saint Eustance, patron saint of hunting and trapping, and Saint Hubertus, patron saint of hunters. Introduced in 1935, this famous alcoholic beverage is well-known for its licorice-like flavor.

2. Buckshot (Shot)

1/3 Tequila Blanco
1/3 Jack Daniels
1/3 Bailey’s Irish Cream
Fresh Ground Black Pepper
Mix Jack Daniels and tequila in a shot glass, then slowly pour the Bailey’s on top. Sprinkle fresh ground black pepper. Shoot!

3. Shotgun (Shot)

1 oz. Jim Beam bourbon whiskey
1 oz. Jack Daniels Tennessee whiskey
1 oz Wild Turkey bourbon whiskey
Pour Jack Daniels and Jim Beam into shot glass, float Wild Turkey on top. Shoot!

4. Toasted Fisherman (Mixed Drink)

1/3 Crown Royal Canadian whiskey
1/3 Amaretto Almond Liqueur
1/3 Sweet & Sour Mix
1 splash 7-Up
Mix all ingredients over ice. Stir and serve with a cherry. Cast!

5. Deer Hunter (Mixed Drink)

2 oz. chilled Jagermeister
1 oz. vodka
3-5 oz. chilled root beer
1 squeeze of lemon
Pour Jagermeister and vodka over ice. Add root beer to taste, and polish it off with a squeeze of lemon. Ready, aim, fire!

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