“Mizzou Tiger Open” Benefit Shoot a Successful Fund Raiser

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School is upon us, and it’s a great time to hit the shooting range. At Mizzou, the shooting team will have a few more dollars at its disposal to recruit new members to the University of Missouri Shooting Team.

The “Mizzou Tiger Open” Benefit Shoot was held July 30, 2011 was a huge success. Many local shooting sports fans came out to join in the fun of the Benefit Shoot, as well as one family that traveled from as far as Florida to attend!

The reunion with the 1971-72 Mizzou Shooting Team and the current team was a huge success. Only one member from the former shooting team lineup was unable to attend.

It was a scorching Missouri July with the temperature reaching the upper ’90s, but no one seemed to let the heat get them down.

CollegiateCamo’s own Pro Staffer Jenny Romanin traveled from Colorado to be a part of the event.  She was on that day, and placed 2nd in Sporting Clays in the 50 target division.

Two of the 1971-72 team members placed, too – Denny Spurling and Bill Fretwell. Oh yeah, they still have it!

The following talented shooters won awards at the Mizzou Tiger Open Benefit Shoot:

  1. CHAMPION Sporting Clays – Ralph Gates
  2. 1st Place Sporting Clays  50 Targets – Jon Doolittle
  3. 2nd Place SPorting Clays 50 Targets – Jenny Romanin
  4. 1st Place Sporting Clays 100 Targets – Garret Benskin
  5. 2nd Place Sporting Clays 100 Targets – Warren Pinson
  6. 1st Place American Trap – Denny Spurling
  7. 2nd Place American Trap – Bill Fretwell
Ryan Mason and Larry Houston did an amazing job of organizing the event and hope to do it again! Mizzou Shooting Team long-term goals include making the Benefit Shoot an annual event.

Congrats to all our winners and best of luck to the 2011-2012 Mizzou Shooting Team!

Top 5 Activities for Outdoorsmen in the Summertime

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Written by CollegiateCamo Pro-Staff Brad Tansey

Summertime FishingFor me, summer is a time of sadness, only because it’s in between turkey and deer season. I finished up turkey season about three weeks ago here in Ohio, and other than work and my internship, I don’t have a whole lot going on. I’m counting down the days until I can get back into the woods and try to fill the freezer full of venison. In the meantime, I’ll give you some tips to stay motivated during the heat of the summer heading into the fall.

  1. Practice shooting – This should be a year-long thing, but in the summer, you have time to fine tune everything before that big ole buck steps in front of you. I like to check all of my pins on my bow, and then practice different shot angles from different elevations. You never know what kind of shot you’ll be presented with, so it’s always best to prepare for everything.
  2. Scout for the upcoming season - It’s never too early to start scouting for next season. I like to drive around and make sure I have all of my hunting permission lined up. After that, I’ll go around and put out my trail cameras to see what kind of deer I have in a particular area. This is a great time to watch the deer develop over the summer months. Of course a deer’s habits will probably change by October, but it never hurts to check it out.
  3. Cast a line – Fishing is a great way for people to relax. After a week of work, I like to kick back in a lawn chair and fish. Even if I don’t catch anything it’s still better than work or school any day! I mostly fish in the summer because that’s when I have the most time. Every now and then I’ll head to Lake Erie to catch some perch to fry up, but mostly I stick to local ponds and reservoirs.
  4. Catch up on some of the latest hunting DVDs – Now I can’t stand being inside on a nice, sunny day. But here in Ohio, we’ve experienced A LOT of rain so far this year. During this time I catch up on my hunting shows. Man, I’ll tell you something, my girlfriend has to be sick of watching Buck Commander and Bone Collector! I love her, though! She knows the only way I can fall asleep at night is to the sound of a hunting show.
  5. Time for any new equipment needed – I’m not made of money, so during the summer I try to save up for any new equipment I may need for the upcoming season. This is a great time to buy anything you might need. Who wants to be sighting in a new gun or bow the day before season opens? Talk about a stressful situation for some people! I’d much rather take my time and dial my bow in well before the first day of season.

Well, that’s a list of five things that keep me busy during the summer months. It’s only June, and I’m already counting down the days until I can go after a big buck!

2011 Annual Clay Target Championships in Texas

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Texas Ram HuntingWritten by Pro-Staff Team Member Tanner Thorfinnson

Texas is home of the National Shooting Complex in San Antonio, and also home to the 2011 Annual Clay Target Championships. This tournament involves colleges from around the country, including Colorado State University, University of Wyoming, Kansas State University, Oklahoma State University and many others.

This tournament lasted about one week, with the competitors shooting in the following events: Five-Stand Sporting Clays, Sporting Clays, International Trap, International Skeet, American Skeet and American Trap.

A team member and I got to experience much of the great hunting that the great state of Texas has to offer. After we shot skeet on Sunday, we took off to a little town called Mason, which is about an hour and 40 minutes from San Antonio. There we each harvested a ram. He took a Texas Dahl and I took a Corsican. Not a bad way to end a Sunday!

Overall, the Annual Clay Target Championships is more than just a competition. It’s a chance to bond with other people that share the same interests, and it is a chance to experience what happens outside the walls of your college town.

2011 Shootout at the Crossroads

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Although shooting hoops is on everyone’s mind right now with the 2011 NCAA Tournament March Madness going on, these individuals are practicing a different kind of shooting for their own “Big Dance” – and it’s one fierce competition.

The scores are posted from the Shootout at the Crossroads, a collegiate shoot sponsored by Kansas State University and held in Lenexa, KS at the Powder Creek Shooting Range, which took place earlier this month.

View the Final Scores Here

This annual event is one of the largest collegiate shoots in the nation with more than 190 competitors. It was a cold, windy and blustery weekend and only the most competitive shooters could “hold up” in these conditions. Still, some of the scores were amazingly close.

Shooting sports is an obsession with some and recreation to others. The furthest distance a completive team traveled to be in the tournament was from Virginia Tech. Their spring break followed the tournament which made for a nice unhurried return home. Others traveled a good distance to compete too. For example, Purdue University and the University of Wyoming had some major windshield time.

There were two Iowa squads competing; University of Northern Iowa Panthers and Iowa State Cyclones. One team from the University of Nebraska Omaha attended. University of Missouri (Columbia) and University of Missouri Science & Technology from Rolla, University of Central Missouri and Lindenwood University represented the state of Missouri. The Oklahoma State squad and Eastern Oklahoma University team made their ways north to Kansas City, and from the west was Colorado State University. The great state of Kansas was well represented by K-State, Fort Hays State and Pratt Community College in KS.

This is an expensive sport for these students. Most generally shooting sports at the university level is a club sport and therefore they receive no university funds. These clubs do fundraisers, apply to grants and pay out-of-pocket to be a part of the team competition. Travel expenses are enormous these days with price of gas and cost of overnight accommodations. Then take into consideration the price of ammo for practice rounds and competition.

Even though these individuals are fierce competitors at the range, many of the team members are very good friends and look forward to seeing each other at collegiate shooting events throughout the school year. It wasn’t unusual to see big hugs from competitive shooters and a thrill of excitement to reunite.

Many of these students have competed since very young ages and won many awards a long the way. Some of these students search for a university where shooting comes first prior to their academic endeavors. Some are so competitive as to be Olympic hopefuls.

Shotgun Shooting Sports Outing

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Any day you can go shooting is a great day! We rounded up the CollegiateCamo team and had a great time this weekend blasting away at clay targets and meeting new friends.

We had way more Kansas State fans shooting in our little group, but we did manage to get some representation from the Mizzou fans and KU fans. (Surprisingly, we were all still friendly and speaking to each other at the end of the competition.)

Statistics say that 19 million Americans safely enjoy target shooting. And we were no exceptions. We were shotgunning and hit the Trap Field with determination. “Trap” is the oldest shotgun shooting sport in America.

On our future outings, we plan to try our luck at Skeet & Sporting Clays as well! With almost equal distribution in our group of half gals and half guys, we had quite the battle of the sexes competition going.

There are several other organizations we believe are important to shooting sports, too. You can find out more about the game of trap from the Amateur Trapshooting Association. The Scholastic Clay Target Program and the ATA’s AIM program provide shooting competition opportunities for young trap shooters.

One of our favorite organizations is The National Shooting Sports Foundation, which administers First Shots, a program that introduces newbies to shooting.

For those of you who have not tried shotgun sports competition and games, we highly recommend it! We had an absolute blast!

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