Would You Dare Have a Camouflage Wedding Day?

June 20, 2011 by · 2 Comments 

White dresses, huge veils and trains, grooms dressed up in the tuxes they will have to return in a few days, huge guest lists and two people vowing to spend their lives together…. What could make this moment more beautiful? Camo! We at CollegiateCamo have come to the consensus that everything is better in camo. Have a dog? Get it camo! Have a baby? It will look adorable (and deer stand-ready) in Real Tree Hardwoods onesies! Camo is literally everywhere these days. Since we are full swing into June, I could not ignore the wedding theme after seeing camo wedding ring sets, we had to do something to show folks how fun camo can be!

A bride can order her full dress from a shop like Camo Formal wedding dresses, you can find RealTree camouflage wedding rings, and bakeries can make you a custom-designed cake that will suit your liking. Don’t forget the wedding night! CollegiateCamo offers plenty of CollegiateCamo camo lingerie and loungewear for the honeymoon for the bride as well. These few items are not the end though; I have seen TV shows where the couples get married in a deer stand!

Will your bride-to-be want to be in a camo wedding? Maybe, maybe not, but you can do as little or as much as you want. From wearing just a camo garter to a full blown camo wedding gown, she does have her options. (And women like options, trust me on that one!) Either way, good luck with the plans and we hope you find these pictures as fitting for an outdoors couple wedding as we did!

New Camo Outdoor Recreational Products!

March 20, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

In an effort to bring CollegiateCamo customers the best in college and camouflage products on the market, we are now carrying some great new products for several schools! We are offering some great camo chairs to our line:

We also offer great coolers, trash can coolers and party buckets! Let’s not forget our stringpacks and gym bags for every day use! You can also show your love by having your favorite team waving in the breeze with an awesome team flag from CollegiateCamo! All of these products are in RealTree camo patterns! Imagine enhancing your hunting and tailgating experience while representing your favorite team!

To view a complete listing of our general camouflage products for outdoors enthusiasts and new camo outdoor recreational products for your favorite college, and more, visit our Camouflage Merchandise page!

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