Our Ode to Mothers

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On this Mother’s Day I would like to take the time to say thank you to the best Mommy in the world, my wife, Amy Rogers. Our two sons are very blessed to have the mother that they do. Amy sacrifices so much for our boys and does everything she can to make sure their needs and wants are met. Amy has her hands full. Easton and Camden are a spitting image of me, they both love sports and they both love the outdoors. Thank you, Amy, for putting up with us boys. Thank you for keeping our home together and always being there when we return from a hunting/fishing trip. Easton, Camden, and I love you very much Amy. Happy Mother’s Day!!!

~ Jeremy Rogers

My mom and I have always been close, but the last few weeks have brought us even closer. I’m excited to announce that I am getting married July 27th of this year. Although planning a wedding in 4 months has my mom a bit stressed, it’s been so much fun getting to share this part of life with her. All of the shopping trips and brainstorming sessions have brought us closer than ever. Change can often times put stress on relationships, but when it comes to my mom and I’s relationship, it just brings us closer! Thanks Mom for always being there, and loving me even when I drive you crazy! LOVE YOU!

~ Paige Woodruff

I have had a fairy-tale childhood and was raised in a very loving home. I want to thank my mom for everything she has done that has contributed to making me the person I am today. We make one heck of a mother-daughter team. She’s always been in my corner and always had my back through all of my endeavors. But most of all she has shown me endless love… That means more than anything I could think of. Even on “her” day she always takes care of the family. I hope to be half the woman she is someday. I love you mom and wish you many more blessings to come. I’m always here for you.

While my mother will always be my hero and in my heart, there are some other women that I would like to thank as well. I have had several mom’s adopt me as their own and have contributed to my up bringing. They’ve fed me, consoled me and shown me continous support. On this special day I’d like to send them joyous wishes and a relaxing day. They deserve it!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of my mom’s!

~ Jenny Romanin

Memories of MY Outdoor MOMMA.

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Well, unfortunately, I only have memories left of my awesome Mom since her passing February 23, 2012. This is probably the absolute hardest blog I have ever written! While I am blessed with outstanding memories of my mom, I am also saddened that all I have is memories instead of the chance of making new ones. There is so much I could say and spend hours writing about the wonderful woman I called MOM.

Where do I begin with such a remarkable woman? How do I begin to tell you, what can I say that would possibly begin to show you what kind of woman she was?

As a little boy, yes I was once little (smiley face), I recollect one of my very first memories that made me see my fearless MOM as a superwoman of sorts. I was playing in my backyard in Granite City, Illinois as my Dad was mowing the yard. I was busy digging for dinosaur bones when something caught my eye slithering across the yard. Yep you guessed it, a gardner snake. It slid by me and being my mothers son, I grabbed it!!! I held it, it bit me, I bit it back and ran with it clutched in my hands towards the house where obviously my mom was watching my encounter intently. As I approached her I remember her saying “what do you have now?” With my reply being “a snake and it bit me!!” and her look was of no surprise to my answer of her question of “what did you do to it?” “Well, mom…” in my little innocent am I gonna get in trouble boy voice I simply said ” I bit it back!!!” I can still see the smile on her face, her laughter was priceless!

That was the beginning of the memories I have left. I cannot tell you how many times she would help me catch a turtle crossing the road due to me crying about it being run over by a vehicle or how when we passed a cow pasture she would go over what kind of cows they were in the field or the times when we all went fishing she wasn’t afraid of baiting her own hook, or my sisters, while my Dad looked on with a proud smile of the wife and family he had. The times she would swing with me and try to teach me to whistle like the birds singing over our heads in the shade tree. I cannot begin to tell you how many hours she spent teaching me how to throw and catch a football or baseball.

I can remember times when my Dad would have to work and she’d go kill some squirrels and clean them and fry them up for dinner. She knew how to skin a rabbit, a deer and shoot pheasants. Yes, that was my Mom. She could fish, hunt, love me, discipline me, and even change her own tire if it went flat! So you can understand the woman I’m am trying to describe to you in a short remembrance is a very hard task! How can I possibly fill you in and paint the absolute picture of my outdoor Momma?

Is it by me telling you about the time I killed my first deer and she stood by my side directing my knife to strategically cut, gut, quarter and place it in a cooler? How about the time she helped me earn so many of my boyscout badges or maybe even the times she read the Bible to me with explanations pertaining to life, the outdoors,  the verses it carried with it and My background of who to truly call on… Or maybe I should tell you about the time we saw a possum get hit by a car and I cried for her to pull over and to our surprise it had babies attached to it and the hours she spent with a baby doll bottle nursing them back to health?

It seems that my upbringing had me set to be known as “The GatorMan” when I caught my first gator and brought my trophy home alive. Her first reaction was to hold it so she could have her picture taken to show off to her sisters!! She knew no limitations and had a very strong will that I believe all animals detected in her. I can remember a story I was told by my Grandma about my mom as a little girl. They had a mouse in their house and she was determined to catch it, even against my Grandma’s orders not too! Well, my Mom was defiant on what my Grandma said and ended up catching the mouse with her hands. The result of that was being bitten by the mouse and her only response was to shake it off her hand. For whatever reason the mouse ran about two feet and killed over!! I have no explanation of why the mouse died after biting her though!

I was always taught, by both my parents, only kill what I eat and always respect the animals that die for me to live. My fearless mother is a major part of my animal instinct. How could you have a mom like mine and not turn out the way I have.

You see, the memories of my outdoor Momma are countless. As you can tell, my Mom was a fearless outdoors woman. She was the Brenda Valentine of her time and for that, I thank the good Lord above for allowing me the honor of having her as my MOTHER.

Mom….I love you! I miss YOU! I know you are watching me type this with tears in my eyes but I just wanted to share a little of you with the world. While I hold on to our memories I strive to continually make you proud! Thank you, for allowing me to share her with you all!


REST IN PEACE, Laura Jean Bartow. Thank You for always being You!!!


Check out Donny’s adventures at http://www.facebook.com/#!/donnygatorman.bartow

Letters to Our Moms

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Below our Pro-Staff team writes letters to their mothers to express their love and gratitude for Mother’s Day. Some are funny, some are tragic, all are heartwarming. Show your own mom your love and appreciation this Mother’s Day, and take 10% off your CollegiateCamo order at checkout using promo code MOTHER during the entire month of May. Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there.


Dear Mom,

Matt Truesdale and His MomI know this isn’t much, but I just want to personally thank you for everything you have done for me throughout these past 23 years!  Without your wisdom, encouragement, and guidance I would not be the person I am today.  I hope you have a great Mothers day and many more to come! My mom has always been there for me, in every situation.  Whether it was coming to every one of my baseball games from t-ball through high school, or continuing to believe in me and encourage me with my current endeavors, my mom is simply the best.  I wish my mother, as well as every mother, a Happy Mothers Day, and to know that you are all loved by your sons.  Even though, at times we may stray, we will always love you. Thank you.

Matt Truesdale


Growing up my mother was my best friend.  In my youth my family went through some very hard times and rarely had any money to go around yet somehow she always found a way to provide for me and my sister. She was also very influential in my shooting career. When I was about 10 I started cutting grass for family and neighbors to save up enough money for my first gun. When I had finally saved up enough cash from my entrepreneurial venture she bought me my first rifle; a remington 597 .22 that I still have. Not long after this my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was in stage 0 (the earliest stage) and we were all very optimistic of her recovery. However not long after this some problems arose in my family and a separation occurred. Due to some circumstances out of my control and too complicated to discuss I did not see her for several years. When we finally were allowed to see each other again we discovered that her cancer, which had been in remission, had metastasized to her lungs and was in stage 4 (the final stage). I cherished the last few months I had with her until she passed away during my senior year of high school. She was 54 years old. I will always remember her as a best friend and caring mom. Happy Mother’s Day, mom – Mary Elizabeth Kelly.

Ryan Mason


Neal Rohrbach and His MomI’m very lucky to have such a great relationship with my mom. I can’t ever express enough how much her love and support over the years has meant to me. I owe a lot of my love of the great outdoors to her, spending countless hours with me brim fishing off the pier on False River, paddle boating around in the afternoons and swimming my summers away. We both appreciate the simpler facets of life, and I’ll never forget the Mother’s Day that she wanted to watch NASCAR at a sports bar with a plate full of hot wings! This year I’m proud to wish my biggest fan, my pillar of support, my mom, a Happy Mother’s Day!

Neal Rohrbach


Paige Woodruff and Her MomMy mom, Kristi, is so very special to me! Being a nurse, she is the most nurturing person in the world. I didn’t realize just how much I appreciated that nurturing quality until the first time I got sick in college. I always hate being sick, but when I am sick; the person I want around most is my mom. My mom has a beautiful heart and is willing to do whatever is necessary to help people, even if that means putting her life on hold for a while to help someone out. As I’ve become an adult, I’ve grown to have a deeper understanding of how much my mom means to me and how much she has done to make me the person I am. I can only hope that I have learned the ever-loving, nurturing qualities that make my mom the amazing person that she is!

Paige Woodruff


Mrs. Marie Kruger is a curious critter, she doesn’t hunt or fish, and really doesn’t even enjoy being outside all that often but has always enjoyed watching me grow up in the outdoors and encouraged me to follow my passion.  If there was ever a story to tell about her and the great outdoors, it would probably have to be about the great Christmas fiasco of 2007, when a person thinks of a squirrel they would think cute and cuddly, but my mom sees them as evil thieving vermin.  After spending hours in the kitchen toiling over a batch of eggnog, it was time to add her final ingredient and put it outside to cool and set.  Little did the squirrels know as they came one by one from around the block to chew off the lid of the concoction and drink its entirety that the final ingredient was a hefty dose of rum that could make a grown man woozy with a single glass.  Needless to say when my mom went outside to grab her drink, she didn’t find any eggnog but she did find 5 drunken squirrels stumbling away, one climbed up the tree over our driveway and proceeded to pass out and land on our family van, never before have I seen a that woman so eager to hunt down an animal, I guess I know where my passion comes from now!

Kurt Kruger


My momma, Karla, is one of the biggest influences in my life and has taught me many life lessons that I will hold onto tight for eternity. I am fortunate to be her daughter and to have a close bond with her. The miles we’ve traveled, fits of giggles and the tears that we’ve shared has created a bond with us that doesn’t always need words. She has always been a strong foundation and has had continuous for my brother and me. She has stuck out the frigid cold and endured wicked weather and was a trooper in extreme heat to always be my number one fan during competitions. She taught me the meaning of hard work, unconditional love and the fact that there’s always something new to learn. She always encouraged me to be outside, whether it was riding my horses, playing with the neighbor kids, or bonding with my dad and brother.  While there are many memories that I love to reminisce over, I look forward to all the new ones to be made. The greatest gift from her is not something you can put value on, but is all the priceless lessons and memories she has unselfishly given me. Happy Mother’s Day to a woman that can never be replaced and that will be forever in my heart.  You’ll always be my hero and role model, I love you momma!

Jenny Romanin


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  • My Mom the Outdoorswoman

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    Happy Mother’s Day to all of you moms, especially those mothers who are outdoors enthusiasts. I’d like to share with all of you some information about my mom.

    When I was growing up, my mom made sure that the outdoors was a huge part of my life. From bass fishing farm ponds in Missouri to chasing pheasants all across the Midwest, my mom was always right by my side teaching me all there is to know about the great outdoors, conservation and hunting and fishing.

    She grew up on a small farm in Missouri and learned many outdoor skills from my grandfather, which she has graciously passed down to me. Not only did she teach me about hunting and fishing, but she also educated me about many more important things a kid can discover in the outdoors. Things I will never forget, like morel mushroom hunting, picking goose berries, and arrowhead hunting. She has helped me look at life differently by showing me all the little things in our daily lives in which we can find joy.

    Not only is she an avid outdoorswoman, but also an animal lover and a conservationist.  I cannot count how many animals we had for pets growing up. Not just dogs and cats, either. Field mice, turtles, ducks, crawdads, and whatever else I brought home in my pockets. I remember the time she saw her first bobcat.  She was driving home and saw it out of her car window. She then proceeded to drive by that spot once a day for about a year to look for her furry friend.

    In short, I am proud to have such a great person as my mom and am so grateful for everything she has taught me.

    Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.

    Show your mom how much you care this Mother’s Day. Our women’s camouflage college apparel makes the perfect Mother’s Day gifts.

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