Dog Day Productivity

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Let’s be honest.  Does anyone get excited about the month of August?  Other than birthdays and the great Grange Fair, August is a dull time of the year.  It’s hot and muggy and the fishing is almost nonexistent as the water temperatures rise and the creek beds go shallow.  Time seems to stand still as a fisherman during this sluggish season, but anglers can still be productive!   Follow these hints to breeze through August:


1)  Shoot Your Bow

Although fishing is my number one passion I still get a strong case of buck fever every year.  Do not let your whitetail seasons creep up on you before you know it.  Whether you’re an archery or rifle hunter, there is no better time to start practicing your shot, and August is the perfect month to do so.  With the day light still persisting well past 8pm, shooting in the late evening after work or class is a great way to finish the day, relax, and get some needed practice in.  Remember, you don’t want to wound that buck, you want to kill it on the spot.


2)  Plan a Trip

Fall fishing is often overlooked.  The fall is a great time to catch some big spawning steelhead or feeding bass prepping for winter.  Call up your buddies and plan a weekend trip to a body of water you do not usually get to. Every year I team up with my fishing buddies and head to Erie, PA, for lunker steelhead and have an awesome time. Lodging rates usually drop in the fall and the cooler weather is perfect for a fun fishing trip.  Don’t miss out on the feeding frenzy.


3)  Learn to Make Beer/Wine

Fall means football!  And football means tailgating!  August is the perfect time to learn how to make some homemade brew in preparation for a tailgate party.  The months that separate August from football season are the perfect time period to allow your beverage to age properly.  Not only is a tall cold glass of your own brew satisfying with friends at a tailgate, it is also relaxing after a long day in the woods or on the water.  I have a gallon of wild black raspberry in the basement aging right now!  You will impress your family and friends.


4)  Tie or Paint

If you think home brewing is satisfying, wait until you catch a fish on your own lure.  Stocking up on flies or lures in preparation for the fall fishing frenzy is a must for fishermen.  The long hot days of August are perfect for getting down in the cool basement to paint your own jerk baits or tie your own flies.  You don’t want to run out of what is hot and be high and dry on the water, so take time to get crafty.  Make many and make multiples.  You can also save a few bucks by making your own as well!


5)  Work Out

This is a must.  Unless have been out on a regular basis hiking mountains and stacking firewood at your camp, if you do not hit the gym right now you will be gassed on the first hill on the opening day of hunting season.  Take the time now to get into shape so you will be able to hike long drives, trek up and down mountains, and be able to drag out a big deer or bear after a successful day.  Trust me, you will feel better and your body will hold up longer throughout the long weeks of the hunting season if you get on a workout routine now.  I suggest higher repetitions with lower weight AND cardio work.  It will help you.


For more advice, tips, trips and more check out  Have a fantastic August!

Entyzer Jigs… A Quality Product Catching Quality Fish

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Discovering new fishing lures as an avid angler can be trying at times.  There are many gimmicks on the market today that one can easily become prey to.  Lures with “advanced technology” or with never before seen bells and whistles are often advertised to help catch you more fish but in fact do the opposite.  I am man enough to admit that I have fell victim once or twice to a lure promising me unrealistic possibilities, but since have learned from my mistakes.  Today, when I look for a new fish catcher I am sure to look for one thing; Quality in a product.  Entyzer Jigs is just that, a quality product.

Two months ago I came across Entyzer Jigs on an unlikely place.  I did not find them in my local tackle and shop, nor did I discover them through a magazine, but rather on Facebook.  As I rummaged through different fishing pictures I noticed that there was one thing in common.  You guessed it; all were caught on Entyzer Jigs products.  Without the knee jerk reaction of making a purchase as I have done in the past I took some time to research the product and liked what I found.

After receiving my order I immediately got onto the water.  There is nothing more exciting than to try out a new lure or rig for the first time.  Within my first couple casts I immediately had interest of the crappie.  It wasn’t very long that I had managed to slam a couple nice slabs that could have been a nice take home meal.  I was also very pleased with how the jigs were very durable throughout the day and impressed with their presentation under the water.  Not only did I manage to catch a good bit of crappie, but I also caught multiple largemouth and rock bass on Entyzer Jigs! (Pictured Below)  With the very affordable price, extreme ease of fish-ability, performance, I am sold on the true quality that is exemplified by Entyzer Jigs.








Trevor Harvel, Master Tyer and owner of Entyzer Jigs, began making and tying his own jigs 10 years ago as a hobby.  Like any hobby, Trevor was able to create patterns he wanted to use that he knew would catch fish.  As news and proof of his products success began to spread, friends and family members soon began to request for their own feathered jigs.  Continued successes and word of mouth of Entyzer products have spread like wildfire over social media.  You can find the Entyzer Jigs page on Facebook at this link:

A true American made product, Entyzer Jigs are produced in Missouri, and made by hand.  Other than feathered jigs ranging from 1/100 oz – 4oz, Entyzer offers a variety of fishing products and lures.  From the 3 and 5 arm Alabama bass and Alabama crappie rigs, to awesome colored bass jigs, ice fishing jigs, and spinner baits, Entyzer Jigs has a little something that every angler is looking for.  Need further proof?  Trevor has shipped his hand made products to 49 of the 50 states AND 23 other countries.

So next time you are in the market for a good quality fishing product you must check out Entyzer Jigs.  They are all about customer service.

Entyzer Jigs and Trevor Harvel can be contacted at
4721 Nw Green Hills Ct.
Riverside Mo. 64150 or 608-931-0473

The Most Dynamic Fishing Lure for Your Tackle Box

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The warm weather cannot get to Central, PA soon enough.  Although I still continue to go to my favorite fishing holes throughout the county on a weekly basis, I am yearning for some temperatures above 60 degrees with no wind.  If you have never been to Pennsylvania during spring, it can only be described as “bleh”.  Grey, rainy, windy days are the norm, but occasionally a gift is provided in the condition of a cloudless and sunny day with a high of 55.  But until the consistently warm days of mid April arrive, I will continue to ignore the persistent itch of cabin fever and dreams of warm summer as I endure the unpredictable spring weather.  And, of course, I will continue to prepare for the almost predictable spontaneous fishing adventures with my fishing buddies.

Most recently, on a trip to Spring Creek in Centre County, I was asked what my “bait of choice” was by a fellow angler.  He presumably was inquiring about what I prefer to fish for trout with, as we were both in pursuit of the famous Spring Creek wild brownies, but that question really  got me thinking.  What would I chose if I could only use one bait/lure for the rest of my life?  Ask yourself that question, and what would you even begin to think??  Depending on a targeted species, there are countless different baits, lures, presentations, colors, shapes, sizes, and on and on and on!  But after I marinated on this topic for a day or two, I have come to a conclusion that I am not only confident in, but I have experience to prove its effectiveness.

As the saying goes “oldies are goodies”.  This saying is specifically true with my lure of choice, which I will shortly reveal.  In today’s world of fishing, anglers are constantly on the lookout for a new product or technique that will catch more fish.  Take the new Alabama rig (aka the Umbrella rig) for example (Pictured Below).  Two years ago no one knew about this new style of fishing.  But today it is one of the hottest and most popular selling devices.  The umbrella rig is even illegal in many locations and tournaments due to its effectiveness. But my lure, the lure that I guarantee will catch you fish and a wide diversity of fish, is not a part of a new fad or technique.  In fact, this lure is almost 80 years old and is still going strong with its continued success of attracting fish to bite.

The lure I am speaking of by a little company known as Rapala.  Ever hear of them?  Yeah, I thought so.  Rapala makes a wide variety of signature style lures.  Everything from crank baits, deep divers, jerk baits, rattle traps, jointed lures, poppers, skitter props, etc.  But by far, the most dynamic lure Rapala makes is their original Floating Minnow size 07 (Pictured
Below).  The F7 Floating Minnow produced includes a small front lip for retrieving at depths between 3’-5’, weighs 1/8 oz, and is 2 – ¾ inches.  All of the floating minnows come in a wide range of excellent colored patterns.  A cousin to the floating minnow is the Rapala X-Rap (Pictured Below).  The main differences between these two lures are the feathered tail, lip placement, and 3D holographic eyes of the X-Rap.  Both the Floating Minnow and the X-Rap can be fished as a “slashbait” or in strait retrieval and will catch fish, period.

These two lures, specifically the Floating Minnow, are the most dynamic fishing lure for one simple reason.  An angler can fish for bass, trout, crappie, pickerel, or northern pike all in the same day with the same lure.  Don’t believe me?  Look below.  I have caught a plethora of different species all with the same style Rapala.  Need more evidence?  To date, Rapala lures have caught 502 of the International Game Fish Association’s record fish, more than any other lure company.  As a result of my success there is not a trip that passes me by where I do not have a handful of Rapala Floating Minnows and X-Raps within my tackle box!  Try them for yourself!

Follow Matt Truesdale and his fishing adventures, tips, and advice via twitter: @Trueze


Alabama Rig

F7 Floating Minnow

X-Rap XR7 (top) and X-Rap XR4 (bottom)

Mountain Stream Pickerel


Winter Rainbow Trout

Spring Creek Brown Trout

Small Mouth Bass

Large Mouth Bass

Northern Pike

Christmas Top 5

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With Christmas just around the corner you’re nearing the big day. Stores are full of the hustle and bustle of last minute shoppers all floundering what to get the people still left on their list. Panic begins to set in as you look at your own list Trying to figure out what to get those people on your own lists….

As you peer down you see loved ones that you wish to get them something they will actually use instead of hiding your gift in their closet. Taking another look, you see a glimmer of hope… You notice they’re hunters and outdoorsmen and women… Now is the task deciding what to get them. Here’s the top 5 gifts for each one that may be on your list.

 Bow Hunters…..

5.) Arrows! They may need new ones from being bent, damaged or lost. You can also get them arrow wraps and fletchings to personalize them. New broad heads are always handy as well!

4.) Fletching Rigs! Makes fletching arrows so easy anyone can do it!

3.) They may need a new sight for their bow or there are flashlights made to screw in where the stabilizer goes that will give them more light when they need it.

2.) A Bow Backpack! This makes gathering and transporting their bow hunting equipment trouble-free and frees up their hands to grab any last minute items.

Last but not least….

1.) Targets! 3-D and Block archery targets are perfect for off-season practice to prep them for the next season.

 Waterfowl Hunters

5.) Harvesting Helpers. The DUCKSTRAP offers various game straps that can be personalized for the waterfowler that you think so highly of and turns it into a gift from the heart that can be personalized for an occasion. The Bird Hitch Bird Cleaner brings a new ease to cleaning and breasting the harvested birds that your hunter will appreciate.

4.) Waterfowl Calls! It doesn’t matter if it’s ducks or geese… There are new calls being premiered with different tones and for different occasions. Your hunter can never have enough.

3.) Blind/Boat Goodies! You can get them an awesome extra large blind bag that will hold all of their needed items from shells, calls, knives, snacks, etc or a marsh seat to give added comfort.

2.) Gun Care and Accessories! This varies from a gun cleaning kit (which this time of year is greatly necessary) to a floating gun case to chokes. With chokes you need to know what gun they hunt with to ensure that you get the correct one.

Last but not least….

1.) Decoys and rigs! A hunter can never have too many and there are types for all occasions. We suggest the several types… Greenhead Gear Puddler Pack which will give variety to any hunter’s collection. MOJO’s Texas Style Decoy Rig which has positive reviews for tangle free hunting. There is also the Rig’Em Right Jerk Rig which is great for the late season waterfowl for decoy motion device that won’t spook the experienced birds.

 Big Game Hunters…..

5.) Scents! Whether it’s to lure in a male by the scent of a lady or to challenge him by the musk of a fellow suitor… It’s a must have and there are many options that will help your hunter fill their tag.

4.) Scent Eliminators! While trying to lure through certain aromas…. Some are better left at home. This includes body washes, shampoos, deodorants and clothing detergents. This will help them to eliminate spook.

3.) Optics! They can always use these. The newest high power scope they have had their eyes on for their new rifle or maybe a range finder to improve their accuracy is a sure fire item.

2.) Camouflage! There are always new patterns with new features coming out each year and they can never have enough. Warm gear is a must to improve the success of their hunt and to add accuracy so they aren’t shivering so much they can’t take their shot. 

Last but not least….

1.) A Quality Knife Sharpening Kit. Nothing is worse than having a dull knife when you need it the most. This can help ensure that they always have a sharp blade for every hunting adventure!

 Fishing Enthusiasts…..

5.) New Lures, Flies and Hooks! Maybe their favorite one got lost or trapped at the bottom or a lake. They can never have too many no matter how many tackle boxes they have full of them. You can even match it with ne fishing line or leaders if they use them.

4.) New Rod and/or Reel! Because one, two… five is never enough. Make sure that you match equipment to the kind of fishing that they do (ie. trout, fly fishing, bass, deep sea, etc).

3.) Water Prep Items! This can be chest waders or even a float tube that can be used at their favorite fishing spots.

2.) Storage! This can range from tackle boxes or rod holders to help keep all of their fishing goodies organized and in a single area so everything is easy to gather for their next trip.

Last but not least….

1.) Polarized Sunglasses! They can always use these for those bright days on the water. A holder can be a good idea for them as well to ensure that they don’t fall in the water when they lean over.

 Those who just love the Outdoors….

5.) Hydration! A good long lasting thermos or a heavy duty water bottle is always a great idea! Get it in their favorite color or with their favorite team on it! Remember it’s important to hydrate on any adventure.

4.) Technology Protection! Pelican and Otter Box make great Waterproof and Drop-Proof cases for phones and other assorted technology items.

3.) Cold Gear or Waterproof Gear! This will help keep them warm and dry and prevents them from catching a cold! This can vary from pullovers, hoodies, Under Armour, Drake, etc. Arctic Shield X System Fleece Gloves, protects against the cold and can still shoot in them.

2.) Lighting! Maybe they need a lantern, lost their old headlamp or just need another LED Flashlight for those times when they need some extra light.

Last but not least….

1.) Gun Range Time! If they love to shoot, whether it’s recreationally, practicing for hunting or competition… A gift certificate to your closest or their favorite range is a great idea!


8 Ways Our Fishing Trip Almost Fell Apart

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Written by CollegiateCamo Pro-Staff Matt Truesdale

The first time venturing on a fishing trip with your friends is always full of excitement and thrill.  Unfortunately, as much as you do not want to admit it, or how much you plan, it is also a trip full of mistakes.  Situations will always arise throughout your trip where you wish you would have either A) Done something different B) Known something beforehand C) Brought something different or D) Wish you had done something different.

This past summer I had the great opportunity to go on a Canadian fishing trip to Dua Lake in Azilda, Ontario, with my good buddies William Leete and Nate Rhine.  We had an amazing time and would not have changed anything.  With that being said, we may have made some mistakes that we learned from to only improve upon for our next trip!  So take it from me, if you are planning a fishing trip in the near future, use these words of advice.  They will serve you well and facilitate in a successful and fun trip!

  1. Make sure your GPS is updated! This is crucial in order to minimize the amount of times you get lost.  I learned this first hand on my trip as I was abruptly woken up in the back seat to Will yelling “CRAP!  We just went 50 miles in the wrong direction!”  Needless to say, GPS units need to be updated periodically as new roads are built and as roads are changed.  This is especially true when entering a different country!   Our GPS unit did not recognize any roads once we got 3 miles into Canada.  Be sure your GPS does recognize other countries!
  2. Make sure to pack extra of your favorite snack! By the end of our third day, of a 7 day trip, we had already run out of our snack of choice, Herr’s Chips.  Down time from landing lunkers, especially at night when you’re playing cards and having a couple cold ones, will always lead to snacking!  Although we were able to slice our extra potatoes to fry as a substitute, it still was not the same.  So make sure to stock up on your must have munchies!
  3. Pack Water!!! This may sound obvious to many of you, but for 3 guys in the mid 20’s we intelligently decided to use the money intended to buy water for other liquids and attempted to boil lake water when needed.  Yes, this did work for the first couple days, but it soon turned into a nagging chore, and of course we never planed ahead.  Breakfast one morning took 2 hours as we boiled water, and then waited for the water to cool so we could make pancakes.  Trust me, by mid week you will be kicking yourself for not brining water.
  4. Purchase all of your food and drinks in America!!! Groceries and beer are extremely, extremely expensive in the great North Country.  We did manage to make our food purchases prior to crossing the border, but failed to do on the later necessities.  By the end of the week we were faced with a very high bill for our drinks that we could have avoided.
  5. Remember your depth finder! We were fortunate that we did not have to haul any boats to Canada.  The outfitter we went through provided all of the boats and gas for the week.  Knowing that boats were already waiting for us, we completely forgot to pack our depth finders.  We still caught a ton of fish, and you will as well, but a depth finder would only enhance your opportunities to catch the big ones!
  6. Inquire about hot lures and baits! The week prior to venturing to your destination it is always a good idea to call the outfitter and ask what the fishermen have been using recently.  This will help you decide what lures you should make sure to pack and pack more of!  Most outfitters will also supply you with your choice of live baits.  If not, any live bait usually works pretty well.
  7. Cook your food fully! Now, how obvious does this one sound, eh?  I learned the next day that a little bit of slightly undercooked polish kielbasa will have an adverse reaction on your stomach.  I stayed on the lake for as long as I could, but eventually had to take a time out for a couple hours.  Although I got better within a couple hours, I was lucky.  We were on a lake that was only accessible though boat plane.  We were completely alone.  Had I gotten very ill, it would not have been good.
  8. Braided line is overrated! I took a couple rods with me on this trip.  One was rigged with braided line while the other rod was rigged with regular monofilament.  I did not catch a single fish on my braided line rod in two days.  I was catching all the fish on my other rod.  That second night I completely re-rigged the rod that had the braided line on, and replaced it with 12 lbs Trilene TransOptic monofilament.  That third day I was catching fish on both rods!

I wish you luck in your fishing adventures!  I hope that these tips will help or assist you in the future, but know that the best way to learn is through experience!

If you would like to follow me through Twitter, you can find me at: @trueze

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