Meet the CC Champion Duck Calling Pro-Staffers

September 30, 2010 by · 1 Comment 

CollegiateCamo Pro-Staffers have some bragging rights! The CollegiateCamo team is so proud to boast that two of our Pro-Staff team members are in the top three Drake Waterfowl Systems “Power Rankings” for competition duck callers, as of 9/22/2010.

At #2 is Jody Niccum from Olathe, KS, with a ranking of 136.72.

You know him for his expertise in duck calling, but did you know this about Jody Niccum:

His favorite pizza is pepperoni; what he likes most in women is that “they be blonde”; his favorite drink is Gin & Tonic; he has a ritual before every competition, “I pray to my Grandparents”; his favorite breed of dog is “black lab”; he shoots a Winchester Super X2; his favorite vacation spot is Las Vegas; his hero is Mike Keller; his favorite movie is “the Guardian; his favorite branch of the military “Marines”; his favorite camo is “nat gear”; his favorite pastime is “bass fishing with dad”; his favorite duck is wigeon; his dream job “to own a hunting company” and finally –he prefers brief over boxers.

Read more about Pro-Staffer Jody Niccum

At #3 is John David Stanley III from Bixby, OK, with a ranking of 135.20.

JD’s known for his competitive nature, and we asked the same questions of JD Stanley:

JD loves meat lovers pizza, what he likes most in women is “their personality”; his favorite drink is “Jack & Coke; he has no ritual or superstition prior to competition; his preferred breed of dog is “black lab”; he shoots a Benelli Super Black Eagle II; Alaska is his favorite vacation spot; his hero “my dad”; his favorite movie is “A River Runs Through It”; Marines are his preferred military branch; favorite camo goes to nat gear; his favorite past time is fishing with his dad; his favorite duck is a canvasback; his dream job is to own an outfitting business; –he’s a boxer type of guy!

Thanks to both Jody and JD for sharing “intimate” parts of their personalities with us.  We wish them the best this year in all competitions.

Check out a video of the duck callers in action:

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