Top 21 Christmas Gift Ideas for Hunters, Fishers & Outdoorsmen

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Christmas Gift Ideas for an OutdoorsmanDecember and the icy chill of winter is upon us, and Christmas is fast approaching. For those of you with loved ones who care about the great outdoors, fishing, hunting and of course college sports, you’ve probably been racking your brain for the best holiday gift ideas for the person who seems to have everything.

We polled our very own Pro-Staff team for what’s ontheir Christmas lists this year and put together this list of Christmas gift ideas, sorted by price. We have put together a list of 20 hot items for all different budgets for the hunter, fisherman, outdoorsman or college sports fan in your life.

Whether you are hoping to have a very Camo Christmas or are just on the hunt for the perfect gift to stuff a stocking with or put under the tree this year, we think you’ll be inspired by our list of the Top 20 Christmas Gift Ideas for Hunters, Fishers & Outdoorsmen.






Are you (or is Santa) getting a gift for the outdoorsman or outdoorswoman you love that you don’t see on this list? Help fellow Christmas shoppers out and share it in the comments!

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Dad

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You know that guy who paid for your college education? Or maybe co-signed for those student loans? Yes, his name is “Dad” and his one day a year is coming up next weekend. Now, if you were Dad, what would you rather get for your one day – a tie, or an awesome camo hitch cover in your favorite team? I’m going with the camo hitch cover. Why? Because ties are boring and would remind him of work.

We have a wide variety of teams, SEC favorites LSU, Alabama, Florida and Georgia to Big 12 favorites Texas and Oklahoma! You are sure to score a touchdown this Father’s Day with these awesome hitch covers.

While you’re thinking about it, is Dad a fisherman? Don’t forget our great college and camouflage fishing reels from KU, MU, Florida, Nebraska, and LSU. Is dad not a fan of those teams? Easy enough! Get him a Walleyeflage reel or Bassoflage reel!

If a new reel is out of the budget this year, you can go with a cool EAT DEER or EAT DUCK license plate. Hey, every dad needs to stand out or blend in with the crowd! Make dad feel special this year, get him a big plate of bacon (or other meat) and let him know how much he means to you with a cool gift from!

Find Your School

Shop Fishing Reels

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Simplify Your Holiday Shopping with Camo

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Eggnog, peppermint, running around for one more gift that your second cousin’s child wants for Christmas, visiting relatives, visiting your significant others’ relatives, sending out Christmas Cards, picking out a tree, decorating it, putting lights up on the house, wrapping gifts, traumatic trips to the mall, your nephew’s holiday concert, Christmas in the Park light extravaganza, getting a photo taken with Santa… Oh, and you are supposed to go to work and maintain your “normal” life, if there is one left with the normal holiday madness.

Make gift-giving for all the outdoors enthusiasts in your life a little lot easier this year by shopping at Holidays are hard enough. Great Aunt Mildred just called, she wanted to remind you to bring the sweet potatoes made with Splenda because your Great Uncle Herman is diabetic and can’t have the regular stuff. I guess she wasn’t paying attention to all the candy he was stealing from the kids’ stockings last year. It’s time for a breather or the loony bin. So go to, pick out a camouflage decal or some cute camouflage lingerie, enter discount code CHRISTMASCAMO for 20% off your order, and relax. We’ll do the hard stuff.

Still too hard? Can’t remember what their favorite college team is? Worry not. We have gift cards, too.

The Outdoorswoman’s Christmas List

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Women. You can’t live with them, you can’t live without them, and you certainly can’t shop for them, right? Wrong.

It may seem like the confusion and mixed gift signals are never-ending. If you were stumped for what to get for your wife who loves the outdoors lifestyle as much as you do for Christmas this year, look no further.

If you are truly lucky enough to have an outdoors fanatic lady in your life, she may be very assertive and tell you exactly what she wants for Christmas. Chances are, her Christmas list has one of our ladies camo hats with her favorite college logo on it. And for her saucy, sexy side, she probably wants to open a box to find some of our wildly popular Naked North camo lingerie. (Honestly, guys, it has “naked” in the name – can’t get much more forward than that, can you?) Plus, it’s pink. Women love pink.

To sweeten the deal for you and make it that much easier, use discount code CHRISTMASCAMO between now and December 24, 2010 to receive 20% off your total order. (FYI, women love bargains, too. Win-win-win.)

Hey, while you are here, why not treat yourself check out your favorite college team? I’m sure you can find your alma mater or favorite college football team in our list of schools.

The Outdoorsman’s Christmas List

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What to buy your hunting man this holiday season? If you’re anything like me, shopping for the husband, brother, dad and grandfather seems impossible every year. The decisions are endless, and it can be confusing for ladies. Men usually won’t readily admit it, but they like receiving gifts just as much as women do.

But not just any gifts. Men love their shotguns, targets, game and camo almost as much as they love their special ladies. (But seriously, who doesn’t love all these things? I digress.) It is hard to surprise a man when you ask him what he would like for a gift and his response is, “A Remington 700 or XM2010 with a muzzleloader and corresponding optics, renew my Ducks Unlimited membership, some new shells, tokens to the car wash, some RealTree MAX-4 pants with scent-lock in 32X30 and a matching jacket, McDonald’s gift card, a new cleaning station, some Pabst Blue Ribbon, Maker’s Mark or Pendleton, and an exotic hunting trip to Africa. Oh, and a 3-D TV. So when I watch Neal Rohrbach on Outdoor Channel Outfitters show, it seems more realistic.”

Is he speaking Latin? Okay, maybe not that bad, but buying for your outdoorsy man can be difficult, and even pricey. You can consolidate your shopping list, save some hard-earned money and alleviate your worries at We want your significant other to like his present so much that we are even offering you a 20% off at our web store so you can knock out your holiday shopping fast and cheap. (You’re welcome.) Just enter CHRISTMASCAMO at checkout; the 20 percent discount will be applied automatically.

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