The Economic Impact of the Firearms Industry

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How sick and tired are you of hearing about the rotten economy?  Ever want to really do something about it? Then get your guns out!

Get the word out to your friends that you and your huntin’ buddies account for the vast majority of the economic support to keep parks and recreation going for all mankind regardless of their personal thoughts and feelings about hunting.  And, you provide much needed jobs for many.

Anglers also contribute strongly to conservation via their licenses and permits. Most likely, if you’re anything like us, you do both.

According to a recently commissioned report just out in April, from the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the report detailed a significant economic impact that the firearms and ammunition industry has on the nation’s economy as well as each state’s economy.

“In 2009 our industry increased its contribution to wildlife conservation by over 37.6 percent, which translates into sportsmen contributing more than $7.5 million dollars daily to conservation efforts,” NSSF Senior Vice President and General Counsel Lawrence G. Keane said.

Oh yeah, taxes are much more than a “four-letter word.”  Just look at how much your hard earned dollars contributed to the national economy when you purchased guns and ammo in the last couple of years:


2008 2009
Federal Taxes $1,503,740,471 $2,035,154,440
State Taxes $1,299,088,678 $1,909,417,793
Excise Taxes $327,070,867 $450,177,780

And due to your outdoor passion and your purchasing power your support is keeping workers off the unemployment line.

Firearms and Ammunition Industry Economic Impact

2008 2009
Jobs 166,200 183,424
Wages $6,361,205,400 $8,210,881,000
Econ Impact $19,199,634,700 $27,846,304,300

Let’s look at a few states to see how many jobs the firearms and ammunition industry supported in 2009:

  • Alabama:  1352
  • Arizona: 2296
  • Arkansas 1208
  • California 6980
  • Florida 4276
  • Georgia 1703
  • Illinois 2706
  • Kansas 1157
  • Michigan 2582
  • Missouri 2702
  • Nebraska 3299
  • Texas 6085.

(For a complete list check out the full NSSF 2010 Economic Impact Study)

So to my fellow gun-toting, ammo-buying buddies, we are obviously doing our part for the “economic stimulus.” What is President Obama doing?

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