Happy New Year

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Butch Waterfowl hunting can either be feast or famine depending on location and weather fronts. We spend most of our fall looking at weather forecast begging for a stiff north wind and a cold snap. Well this past season lady luck was on our sides. I live in southeastern Indiana, a place not known for its waterfowl hunting. To consistently kill birds around here you have to flat out work your butt off. While we don’t get the major migrations that the better parts of the flyway enjoys we still manage to have a good time and love every minute of it. As luck would have it, the second part of our waterfowl season brought cold temps and along with them the grand passage.
When I saw one of my hunting buddies name on my phone I knew this was going to be good. When I answered all he could say was, “Dude, I have found the mother load.” The next morning was Dec 29th and we found ourselves brushing in layout blinds and packing decoys across a muddy cornfield. While this job never gets easier we were pretty excited about the hunt that was about to happen. We don’t get many snow geese so seeing one locked up and dropping in with the first flock of Canada’s pretty much put a bulls eye on that bird. We ended the morning with a limit of Canada’s. My buddy shot his first snow and I shot my first band. Pumped was an understatement.
When we met three days later, Jan 1st, we didn’t think life could get much better. Were were still walking on cloud nine while brushing in layout blinds along the edge of a farm pond. As soon as the sun starting breaking over the horizon flocks of ducks started trickling into the pond and my buddy’s lab was breaking ice picking up dead birds. About mid morning a small group of geese started working our spread. As the locked up and came I called the shot. As I walked over to pick up my goose I saw the shiny piece of jewelry that every waterfowl hunter lives for. It was my second band in three days. While 2013 was my best year of water fowling ever, 2014 is looking pretty darn good.

CONTEST: Submit Your Crazy Fan Photos

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March Madness BasketballWith March Madness in full swing, we’re having our second contest for a $25 CollegiateCamo gift card! For this contest, you need to tweet or post your best decked out tailgate photos! You can submit your entries from March 25 until April 5. All you need to do is post your photos on the CollegiateCamo Facebook or Google+ account. You can also tweet your photos @CollegiateCamo.

A panel of CollegiateCamo staffers will judge the photos and announce the winner on our website. This is your chance to show off your crazy fan experiences!

What a better time to get decked out in your favorite college’s gear, right? We thought so, too! In the meantime, you can get some game day clothing to go with the gift card!

CollegiateCamo heats up the savings!

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The heat has been monstrous in the Midwest. This heat has outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen begging for mercy from the 100+ degree weather and wanting fall to hurry up and get here! (We won’t mention college football season or the opening day of duck or dear season!) Quite frankly, the heat is putting a damper on my fishing and interfering with my clay shooting.  We can’t change the weather, but we can offer you some relief in the wallet! Take 10% off your whole order at www.collegiatecamo.com when you use the discount code FRIEND at checkout.

Why doesn’t CollegiateCamo have my favorite team?

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Nittany Lions, Longhorns, Buckeyes, Sooners, Wolfpack, Tarheels, UCONN and no CollegiateCamo.com decals are to be seen anywhere near these classic favorites? Bummer, right? We get emails, phone calls, instant messages, mail, faxes, texts, tweets, updates and every other form of communication that there is about the teams that we don’t have decals for.

First, I want to reiterate that fans should not take our lack of licensing personally. This is not because we don’t like your school or because your football team didn’t rank last year. A requirement to work at CollegiateCamo is that you have to be a fan. That means that we understand and value team passion! We understand that we have a very unique product. We understand that people love driving their pride and representing their favorite team. It also makes CollegiateCamo a very cool place to work.

I want our valued customers to understand why we don’t have your team (yet). CollegiateCamo started out at K-State University back in 2005. We have grown and continue to grow slowly and steadily since then. It all starts with licensing the logo. The process for a university to license a product can be very slow and painstaking. Some universities deny our product. We actually had one licensing director (who spoke with a British accent) say, “We don’t like the connotations that are associated with camo.” (These words came out of the mouth of a person who was not a born American citizen – maybe we can’t blame them?) I explained our stance and that we can understand that camo can be associated with a lot of things, but that our products do not represent anything that can be deemed with a negative connotation.

I would like for you to take into consideration that the outdoor world is beautiful, but it also has people who are not fans of it. Some of those people work at the universities. We do want you to understand we try our very best to obtain as many licensings as possible, but we just can’t get them all. Sometimes we get licensings and sometimes we have to take the denial and just play the hand of cards we are dealt.

So, there you have it. We don’t do this on purpose, and wish we could feature every school, and we don’t want people to not like our product because we don’t have your school. We can help empower you though. You can contact your favorite school’s licensing director and tell them you want your team’s decals made in camo by CollegiateCamo. You can find this information by doing a quick google search on the words “licensing director” and your favorite university’s name.

In the meantime, we’ll keep plugging away and trying to make as many schools available as possible! One foot in front of the other, right? We love our customers and truly appreciate your patience! (If you absolutely can’t wait for your favorite school’s licensing to come through, one thing you may wish to do is purchase our “Just Antlers” decal, “Just Bass” decal, “Just Ducks” decal or “Just Pheasants” decal and pair it with your favorite college decal!)

What to get for the outdoor enthusiast who has everything?

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Buying the perfect holiday present for an outdoor enthusiast is not easy. There are so many necessary and fun items, but it can be hard to decide on the perfect Christmas gift for the outdoorsman or outdoorswoman who seems to has everything!

Depending on your favorite outdoor sport or preferred species, buying for a hunter, fisherman or other outdoors enthusiast can be quite a daunting task. We have learned from our Pro-Staff that fins, feathers and antlers are not the only game to shoot at. From alligators to groundhogs, from squirrel to elephants, it is hard to determine what to buy your shooting enthusiast loved one. We won’t even go into camo preferences — it has caused too many coffee break debates that turned out ugly. (I won’t even mention what happened last week… besides a coffee pot was shattered and someone ended up with 13 stitches.)

But worry not. We have something for every outdoorsperson at CollegiateCamo! From Florida to Texas, from North Dakota to South Carolina, we have all of your camouflage college team spirit needs covered. For the men, we have a great array of camouflage college decals and camouflage college hats. We have some warm, Kansas State University hoodies. Speaking of getting cold, ladies always turn up the heat in our sexy Mossy Oak or Naked North camouflage lingerie. It may be cold in the deer stands and duck blinds, but it’s always warm at home when she’s wearing something that is skimpy and camo!

We love camo and Christmas so much that we are offering 20% off on our entire web store now through December 24, 2010. All you have to do is enter the CHRISTMASCAMO promotional code in the discount code field at check out!

Kansas State Ducks Unlimited Annual Banquet is a Huge Success!

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Kansas State University DU ChapterWe had a quackin’ good time at the American Legion Hall in Manhattan, Kan. last Friday for the Kansas State University Ducks Unlimited chapter. The DU chapter is making a comeback with this huge success. This is the first Kansas State University Ducks Unlimited Annual Banquet since 2007, with an impressive attendance of 195 fellow duck and goose hunters.

CollegiateCamo had a huge presence at this monumental Ducks Unlimited event. Co-founder Marty Morris is proud to be the 2010 chairman. Showcasing his waterfowl knowledge and blowing his duck call on stage was CollegiateCamo Pro-Staffer Jody Niccum, otherwise known as the 2007 World Champion Duck Caller. CollegiateCamo Pro-Staffers Dave West and Bret Burgmeier were also in attendance.

Kansas State University Ducks Unlimited MembersCollegiateCamo wishes to send a special thanks to Pat Mellard and his family, Michelle Palmer, Cheyenne George, Laura Rice, John Ritchey and all other Ducks Unlimited committee members at the Kansas State University chapter.

One hot item auctioned at the DU event was an autographed camouflage guitar, signed by many big red dirt country bands like Stoney Larue, Eli Young Band, Kevin Fowler, Aaron Watson, Rich O’Toole and the Blaine Younger Band.

The K-State Wildcats chapter of Ducks Unlimited is making a huge comeback, and plans to rival any and every other DU campus chapter in the Midwest.

Are you a K-State fan? Or perhaps your college of choice is one of the other Midwestern schools with a booming Ducks Unlimited branch. Either way, you should show your collegiate pride and purchase a CollegiateCamo camouflage college decal today!

Happy Easter from CollegiateCamo!

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Easter Eggs Hunts aren’t just for the young at heart. It’s a great time to forage for morels and sheds. What a great combo! Do you know about morels?

This is the morels report for Kansas, not much showing up at this time – only lonely snakes sunning themselves on rocks! Just heard from a huntin’ buddy who is fishing in Arkansas that they have arrived (morels, that is). The Arkansas page at morels.com tells the same story.

It seems that it takes about 5 to 7 days for the season to move North. Send us your best photo of the sheds you find this Spring.

Speaking of antlers – don’t forget about “Decal Your Trophy” - it’s the next hottest item to show your trophy buck on the back of your very own truck. Happy Easter and Happy Hunting all that there is to Hunt!

CollegiateCamo at Iowa & Missouri Deer Classic Shows!

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Come see us! CollegiateCamo will have a booth  at  several hunting, fishing and outdoors events in coming weekends, including Iowa Deer Classic in Des Moines, Iowa, and the Missouri Deer Classic in Columbia, Missouri.

Iowa Deer Classic
Iowa Events Center Hy-Vee Hall and Vet’s Auditiorium
Des Moines, Iowa
March 5 – March 7, 2010
Friday: 3pm to 9pm
Saturday: 9am to 7pm
Sunday: 9am to 4pm

Visit our booth and see Collegiate Camo’s University of Iowa decals and apparel, Iowa State decals and apparel, and Northern Iowa decals and apparel.


Missouri Deer Classic
Boone County Fairgrounds
Columbia, Missouri
March 6 – March 7, 2010
Saturday: 9am to 6pm
Sunday: 9am to 4pm

Of course we will feature our University of Missouri Tigers decals and apparel! This is your chance to get Mizzou camo decals and caps.

CollegiateCamo at Shot Show 2010 in Las Vegas!

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Our CollegiateCamo crew leaves Sunday for SHOT Show and we are really excited to see all of the new and exciting stuff in the world of hunting, shooting and the outdoors. This year SHOT Show is at the Sands Exhibition Center in Las Vegas from January 19 to 22.

It’s an especially fun year for CollegiateCamo since we are actually exhibiting this year in Booth #353! Yes! The first time we will represent the company to our friends in the retail business.  SHOT Show is an amazing trade show that is only open to people of the trade.  I’m sure we’ll see some of our friends who own stores that love our college camo decals and college camo apparel.

I’ve never seen so many miles of booths – it’s like a hunter’s dreamland for equipment, firearms, archery, outdoor apparel and accessories. I’ve heard that there are more than 18 miles of booths and all the outdoors goods and services are amazing! You have never seen so many outdoorsmen items in one place. SHOT Show attracts folks from all 50 states every year. It’s worth noting that SHOT show is sponsored by the National Shooting Sports Foundation. (Couldn’t do it without them.)

So we will drag six CollegiateCamo staff out to Vegas and we plan on having a blast! On Wednesday we will do a very exciting TV shoot for the Outdoors Channel.  We’ll be featured in a segment in February that shows new and exciting items available as seen at SHOT Show. So, we’re trying to “buff it up” in time to look great for the camera!

And aside from all the excitement at SHOT Show, did we mention parties galore? Yes, we’ve been invited to the Sportsman Channel shindig and we are ready to P-A-R-T-Y! They are great friends, especially our buddy Matt Blouin!

Jeanie and Marty (CollegiateCamo founder) will be seeing Ted Nugent and Love Pump in Vegas. We’ve even got feelers out to get in to Ted Nugent’s party, but that’s a tough one to crack. We’re keeping our fingers crossed.

Last, but certainly not least, our friend Jody Niccum – 2007 World Duck Calling Champion – will be with us on this trip. He will have autographed photos at our booth of him and his huge trophy. Come see us at SHOT Show in Booth #353 and let the fun begin!

CollegiateCamo in Booth 353 at SHOT Show 2010 in Las Vegas

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