Time To Gear Up for College Bowl Time!

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Are you a Florida State Seminoles fan? Maybe an Auburn Tiger? Now’s the time to get your official CollegiateCamo gear for the NCAA football bowl season! Florida State FlagAuburn Tigers cap

The BCS bowls were released Dec. 8, so now is when you should start planning on your party for your team’s big game. Below is a list of the games with dates & times.

Your team not in a BCS bowl game? No problem! CollegiateCamo has more than 40 schools available for official camouflage apparel, decal and gear.



Top 21 Christmas Gift Ideas for Hunters, Fishers & Outdoorsmen

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Christmas Gift Ideas for an OutdoorsmanDecember and the icy chill of winter is upon us, and Christmas is fast approaching. For those of you with loved ones who care about the great outdoors, fishing, hunting and of course college sports, you’ve probably been racking your brain for the best holiday gift ideas for the person who seems to have everything.

We polled our very own Pro-Staff team for what’s ontheir Christmas lists this year and put together this list of Christmas gift ideas, sorted by price. We have put together a list of 20 hot items for all different budgets for the hunter, fisherman, outdoorsman or college sports fan in your life.

Whether you are hoping to have a very Camo Christmas or are just on the hunt for the perfect gift to stuff a stocking with or put under the tree this year, we think you’ll be inspired by our list of the Top 20 Christmas Gift Ideas for Hunters, Fishers & Outdoorsmen.






Are you (or is Santa) getting a gift for the outdoorsman or outdoorswoman you love that you don’t see on this list? Help fellow Christmas shoppers out and share it in the comments!

Outdoorsman’s Style: “Night Before Christmas”

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Twas the night before Christmas and all though the house,

I was cleaning and prepping the Christmas dinner grouse.

Tired, I turned on the TV to the Outdoor Channel to see,

The committed ducks that the Commander promised me.

I grabbed me some chips and popped a top on a cold beer,

As I drooled over the screen covered by the huge whitetail deer.

I glanced out the window across the man cave with glee,

HOLY SMOKES! there was trophy deer standing under the tree.

I grabbed my Browning BAR 30-06 and started to sneak,

Because I knew very well my family were all sound asleep.

I stalked across the yard for a better shot, my heart filled with hope,

To get the huge buck in the crosshairs of my seasoned scope.

Then I heard the old man, “Shoot my star reindeer and you’re dead.”

My kids would be mad if I put a 180 grain in that buck’s head!

The old man gleamed and said, “Buck Fever gets the best of us Boss.”

“I’m the fat guy from the greater North they call Santa Claus.”

My thoughts changed to holly and I smiled back at old Saint Nick,

I didn’t want him to think I was just some backwoods, dumb hick.

The guy looked plum tuckered so I asked if he needed a hand,

With hopes to discover a Parker bow or brand new tree stand.

He nodded with a smile and reached out his Grizzly Bear sized paw,

He looked towards the house, worrying that someone just saw.

I knew what his worries were, and like him I had some of mine

If my wife saw what I just did she’d put me in a box made of pine

The house stood silent, everyone still asleep, bless our good luck    

Thank the lord that I didn’t take the shoot on St. Nick’s bold buck

We rushed back to work, bringing in the presents one by one,

When we were finished we clinked our glasses to a job well done.

He assured that my mishap would be a secret put to rest,

Like a kid I once again believed, knowing his word was the best.

We polished off every Christmas cookie in the house and he left for his sleigh

Before I had the chance He and his reindeer were up, up and away….

But I heard him exclaim, “Keep good will in your sight,
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!”

Christmas Top 5

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With Christmas just around the corner you’re nearing the big day. Stores are full of the hustle and bustle of last minute shoppers all floundering what to get the people still left on their list. Panic begins to set in as you look at your own list Trying to figure out what to get those people on your own lists….

As you peer down you see loved ones that you wish to get them something they will actually use instead of hiding your gift in their closet. Taking another look, you see a glimmer of hope… You notice they’re hunters and outdoorsmen and women… Now is the task deciding what to get them. Here’s the top 5 gifts for each one that may be on your list.

 Bow Hunters…..

5.) Arrows! They may need new ones from being bent, damaged or lost. You can also get them arrow wraps and fletchings to personalize them. New broad heads are always handy as well!

4.) Fletching Rigs! Makes fletching arrows so easy anyone can do it!

3.) They may need a new sight for their bow or there are flashlights made to screw in where the stabilizer goes that will give them more light when they need it.

2.) A Bow Backpack! This makes gathering and transporting their bow hunting equipment trouble-free and frees up their hands to grab any last minute items.

Last but not least….

1.) Targets! 3-D and Block archery targets are perfect for off-season practice to prep them for the next season.

 Waterfowl Hunters

5.) Harvesting Helpers. The DUCKSTRAP offers various game straps that can be personalized for the waterfowler that you think so highly of and turns it into a gift from the heart that can be personalized for an occasion. The Bird Hitch Bird Cleaner brings a new ease to cleaning and breasting the harvested birds that your hunter will appreciate.

4.) Waterfowl Calls! It doesn’t matter if it’s ducks or geese… There are new calls being premiered with different tones and for different occasions. Your hunter can never have enough.

3.) Blind/Boat Goodies! You can get them an awesome extra large blind bag that will hold all of their needed items from shells, calls, knives, snacks, etc or a marsh seat to give added comfort.

2.) Gun Care and Accessories! This varies from a gun cleaning kit (which this time of year is greatly necessary) to a floating gun case to chokes. With chokes you need to know what gun they hunt with to ensure that you get the correct one.

Last but not least….

1.) Decoys and rigs! A hunter can never have too many and there are types for all occasions. We suggest the several types… Greenhead Gear Puddler Pack which will give variety to any hunter’s collection. MOJO’s Texas Style Decoy Rig which has positive reviews for tangle free hunting. There is also the Rig’Em Right Jerk Rig which is great for the late season waterfowl for decoy motion device that won’t spook the experienced birds.

 Big Game Hunters…..

5.) Scents! Whether it’s to lure in a male by the scent of a lady or to challenge him by the musk of a fellow suitor… It’s a must have and there are many options that will help your hunter fill their tag.

4.) Scent Eliminators! While trying to lure through certain aromas…. Some are better left at home. This includes body washes, shampoos, deodorants and clothing detergents. This will help them to eliminate spook.

3.) Optics! They can always use these. The newest high power scope they have had their eyes on for their new rifle or maybe a range finder to improve their accuracy is a sure fire item.

2.) Camouflage! There are always new patterns with new features coming out each year and they can never have enough. Warm gear is a must to improve the success of their hunt and to add accuracy so they aren’t shivering so much they can’t take their shot. 

Last but not least….

1.) A Quality Knife Sharpening Kit. Nothing is worse than having a dull knife when you need it the most. This can help ensure that they always have a sharp blade for every hunting adventure!

 Fishing Enthusiasts…..

5.) New Lures, Flies and Hooks! Maybe their favorite one got lost or trapped at the bottom or a lake. They can never have too many no matter how many tackle boxes they have full of them. You can even match it with ne fishing line or leaders if they use them.

4.) New Rod and/or Reel! Because one, two… five is never enough. Make sure that you match equipment to the kind of fishing that they do (ie. trout, fly fishing, bass, deep sea, etc).

3.) Water Prep Items! This can be chest waders or even a float tube that can be used at their favorite fishing spots.

2.) Storage! This can range from tackle boxes or rod holders to help keep all of their fishing goodies organized and in a single area so everything is easy to gather for their next trip.

Last but not least….

1.) Polarized Sunglasses! They can always use these for those bright days on the water. A holder can be a good idea for them as well to ensure that they don’t fall in the water when they lean over.

 Those who just love the Outdoors….

5.) Hydration! A good long lasting thermos or a heavy duty water bottle is always a great idea! Get it in their favorite color or with their favorite team on it! Remember it’s important to hydrate on any adventure.

4.) Technology Protection! Pelican and Otter Box make great Waterproof and Drop-Proof cases for phones and other assorted technology items.

3.) Cold Gear or Waterproof Gear! This will help keep them warm and dry and prevents them from catching a cold! This can vary from pullovers, hoodies, Under Armour, Drake, etc. Arctic Shield X System Fleece Gloves, protects against the cold and can still shoot in them.

2.) Lighting! Maybe they need a lantern, lost their old headlamp or just need another LED Flashlight for those times when they need some extra light.

Last but not least….

1.) Gun Range Time! If they love to shoot, whether it’s recreationally, practicing for hunting or competition… A gift certificate to your closest or their favorite range is a great idea!


Please Stuff My Stocking

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With Christmas getting closer and closer it’s becoming that time to prep for the big day. Stores are playing carols. People are decorating their homes and stringing up lights with hopes to “Out Do” the neighbors this year. Logs are being burned in order to keep the winter chill away. Additionally, people are contemplating gifts to give their loved ones…

 One of many Christmas traditions that I still hold near and dear to my heart are stockings! As we get older it gets more difficult to find stocking stuffers, especially for the outdoors man or woman in our lives. Socks, fattening treats and dental floss are often the defaults… Maybe this year you can add some pizzazz to the stocking hung with care with these Top Ten Stocking Stuffer Ideas.

10.) Get them a bottle or two of their favorite critter aroma. Make sure not to leak it in the house!

9.) Glow Sticks! They’re great for all ages! Kids can play night tag with them and they are handy in camp for some extra light during late night nature calls.

8.) Laundry Detergent Scent Eliminator. This will prevent them from scaring their prey away so they can have a fruitful hunt. These can be found at most outfitting stores.

7.) Game Bags. This helps to keep their game meat clean and safe from dirt, debris, adverse weather, insects, and predators after their harvest.

6.) Hunting Blind Material. These come in numerous patterns for countless occasions. Unforgiving weather and the wear and tear of Mother Nature causes need of replacement. This saves them a lot of time when preparing for their next hunt.

5.) Rem Oil Gun Wipes. They come in individual packs or in a larger quantity canister. They are very handy to have during misty, rainy or snowy day to help prevent rust on their beloved firearm.

4.) Disposable Hand Warmers. They’ll keep their hands warm in the harshest conditions, ensuring that they be able to have a steady squeeze on the trigger.

3.) Camouflage Make-Up Kit. You’re fearless hunter will appreciate having enough paint to last them all season. After all, you can’t let them leave unprepared!

2.) A CollegiateCamo decal of their choice. This joins the love of their favorite college team with their passion for hunting.

Last but not least….

1.) A box of their favorite ammunition… It has no expiration and you can never have enough of it!

Gift Ideas for Pheasant, Duck and Deer Hunters

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Looking for the perfect gift for your favorite hunter or outdoorsman? Stumped for gift ideas for your loved one who loves hunting and fishing? Not to worry. CollegiateCamo has a huge assortment of gifts for hunters, including your favorite college logo decals, shirts, hats and lingerie in camouflage.

If you think your favorite deer hunter or duck hunter is the person who has everything, it’s time to get them the gift they’ve been waiting for with a CollegiateCamo decal or apparel present. CollegiateCamo is full of great gifts for hunters who are passionate about their favorite college sports team.

CollegiateCamo decals and apparel make amazing gifts for hunters, fishers and college sports fans for any holiday:

  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • Christmas
  • Father’s Day
  • Mother’s Day
  • Valentine’s DayCollegiateCamo truck or boat decals make great stocking stuffers for your favorite hunter or fisherman, and make sure to get them a shirt, hooded sweatshirt or cap to match. Your beloved outdoorsman may also appreciate our very own line of camouflage lingerie and loungewear on his very special lady for Valentine’s Day!

    So worry no longer about finding Father’s Day or Mother’s Day gifts for your favorite hunter, fisher or outdoorsman, CollegiateCamo is a one-stop shop with tons of gift ideas for outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen. Start your search for the perfect gifts for the hunters and fishers in your life. Find CollegiateCamo decals and apparel by school

  • Camo Lingerie Discounts

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    Like sexy lingerie? Like discounts? This blog’s for you, y’all. CollegiateCamo.com is proud to announce the following discounts on our loungewear!

    Henley Shirts were $30, now $20! http://www.collegiatecamo.com/college-camo-apparel/lingerie/camo-henley-shirt.html

    Henley Night Shirts were $35, now $25! http://www.collegiatecamo.com/college-camo-apparel/lingerie/camo-henley-night-shirt.html

    Tank Tops were $20, now $15! http://www.collegiatecamo.com/college-camo-apparel/lingerie/camo-tank-top.html

    Tank Gowns were $35, now $27.50! http://www.collegiatecamo.com/college-camo-apparel/lingerie/camo-tank-nightgown.html

    Lounge Pants were $35, now $20! http://www.collegiatecamo.com/college-camo-apparel/lingerie/camo-lounge-pants.html

    Lounge Shorts were $17, now $12! http://www.collegiatecamo.com/college-camo-apparel/lingerie/camo-lounge-shorts.html

    Robes were $30, now $15! http://www.collegiatecamo.com/college-camo-apparel/lingerie/camo-lingerie-short-robe.html

    Combine with 20% off discount code CHRISTMASCAMO for even MORE savings!

    Simplify Your Holiday Shopping with Camo

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    Eggnog, peppermint, running around for one more gift that your second cousin’s child wants for Christmas, visiting relatives, visiting your significant others’ relatives, sending out Christmas Cards, picking out a tree, decorating it, putting lights up on the house, wrapping gifts, traumatic trips to the mall, your nephew’s holiday concert, Christmas in the Park light extravaganza, getting a photo taken with Santa… Oh, and you are supposed to go to work and maintain your “normal” life, if there is one left with the normal holiday madness.

    Make gift-giving for all the outdoors enthusiasts in your life a little lot easier this year by shopping at www.collegiatecamo.com. Holidays are hard enough. Great Aunt Mildred just called, she wanted to remind you to bring the sweet potatoes made with Splenda because your Great Uncle Herman is diabetic and can’t have the regular stuff. I guess she wasn’t paying attention to all the candy he was stealing from the kids’ stockings last year. It’s time for a breather or the loony bin. So go to collegiatecamo.com, pick out a camouflage decal or some cute camouflage lingerie, enter discount code CHRISTMASCAMO for 20% off your order, and relax. We’ll do the hard stuff.

    Still too hard? Can’t remember what their favorite college team is? Worry not. We have gift cards, too.

    The Outdoorswoman’s Christmas List

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    Women. You can’t live with them, you can’t live without them, and you certainly can’t shop for them, right? Wrong.

    It may seem like the confusion and mixed gift signals are never-ending. If you were stumped for what to get for your wife who loves the outdoors lifestyle as much as you do for Christmas this year, look no further.

    If you are truly lucky enough to have an outdoors fanatic lady in your life, she may be very assertive and tell you exactly what she wants for Christmas. Chances are, her Christmas list has one of our ladies camo hats with her favorite college logo on it. And for her saucy, sexy side, she probably wants to open a box to find some of our wildly popular Naked North camo lingerie. (Honestly, guys, it has “naked” in the name – can’t get much more forward than that, can you?) Plus, it’s pink. Women love pink.

    To sweeten the deal for you and make it that much easier, use discount code CHRISTMASCAMO between now and December 24, 2010 to receive 20% off your total order. (FYI, women love bargains, too. Win-win-win.)

    Hey, while you are here, why not treat yourself check out your favorite college team? I’m sure you can find your alma mater or favorite college football team in our list of schools.

    The Outdoorsman’s Christmas List

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    What to buy your hunting man this holiday season? If you’re anything like me, shopping for the husband, brother, dad and grandfather seems impossible every year. The decisions are endless, and it can be confusing for ladies. Men usually won’t readily admit it, but they like receiving gifts just as much as women do.

    But not just any gifts. Men love their shotguns, targets, game and camo almost as much as they love their special ladies. (But seriously, who doesn’t love all these things? I digress.) It is hard to surprise a man when you ask him what he would like for a gift and his response is, “A Remington 700 or XM2010 with a muzzleloader and corresponding optics, renew my Ducks Unlimited membership, some new shells, tokens to the car wash, some RealTree MAX-4 pants with scent-lock in 32X30 and a matching jacket, McDonald’s gift card, a new cleaning station, some Pabst Blue Ribbon, Maker’s Mark or Pendleton, and an exotic hunting trip to Africa. Oh, and a 3-D TV. So when I watch Neal Rohrbach on Outdoor Channel Outfitters show, it seems more realistic.”

    Is he speaking Latin? Okay, maybe not that bad, but buying for your outdoorsy man can be difficult, and even pricey. You can consolidate your shopping list, save some hard-earned money and alleviate your worries at www.collegiatecamo.com. We want your significant other to like his present so much that we are even offering you a 20% off at our web store so you can knock out your holiday shopping fast and cheap. (You’re welcome.) Just enter CHRISTMASCAMO at checkout; the 20 percent discount will be applied automatically.

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