13 ft. 800 lb. Aggressive Monster Gator Caught

June 24, 2011 by · 1 Comment 

Written by CollegiateCamo Pro-Staff Donny Bartow

Just another gator call by the Game Warden? Negative!  This was the call that excites me and makes my blood pump through my veins like a river cutting through a canyon! What set this call apart from all my other ones is the concern in the voice on the other line! MONSTER Gator that has shown extreme aggression towards people. Even though this gator was located on private property, the landowner had become afraid to get close to the water for any purpose! He couldn’t put a boat in or even mow around the edge! Time for this gator to be removed! When a gator loses all fear of man it becomes a threat to man!

I quickly called one of my assistants and got a plan into action! As Brian arrived I went over our plan of attack!  I already had the gator cage and gator getter 1 loaded and waiting. Brian showed up with as much anticipation as I had and we set off to tame this gator. As we drove to the property we went over the normal safety precautions, keep chicken out of pocket, change chicken blood smelling shirt and put clean smelling one on, life floatation devices in boat, Swiss Army knife handy…..etc… You get the picture! Seriously, we went over the normal safety standards I have at any given time for these respect demanding awesome dinosaurs!

We arrived at the pond around the same time my local Game Warden did and after receiving a short tour of the place we quietly loaded the boat and arranged all the equipment so we could be as precise and efficient as quickly as possible; when dealing with gators of a large caliber all readiness at all time is demanded! To our surprise during set up we had not seen this beast yet. As we were just about to shove the boat off the Ranger exclaimed here he comes, I looked in the direction he was pointing and immediately got an adrenaline rush from what I was seeing! A massive 13-foot gator with his back out of the water and barreling toward us! WHOA!!!  Aggressive? Understatement!!

No time for second guessing just time for action!! I decided since this monster was this aggressive I would match him! We aimed straight for him and as we narrowed the gap he grew! I was staring at a 13-foot gator that had seen more days than I have even come close too and a since of respect crossed my mind as I was in awe of what was about to take place! The majestic, gnarly beauty of an incredible beast!

Seeing as to where this Gator was closing the gap I decided to catch him with a snare, he wasn’t afraid of me and I wasn’t about to let him win, as he inched closer I stuck my snare pole out and slipped it over his head and with the precise motion I tightened down and the water exploded like a bomb had just went off! Luckily Brian grabbed the back of my pants as I was about to be pulled out and I was so fixated on the fight I didn’t realize I was totally leaning over the front of the boat in a struggle that I couldn’t afford to lose! The gator was pulling my gator getter 1 around like we were rag dolls, the sheer force and power of what was pulling us around is and always will be impressive! As he was wearing down I decided to get a top jaw rope on him – not so easy. I was pulling with all I had to get his head in a place where I could just slip another on him but you try pulling over 800 pounds of muscle bone and attitude up, it just doesn’t happen so easy! After another 20 min of a fight like you have never experienced I was finally able to get my jaw rope in place and Brian guided us to the shore! Hard part was now beginning!! We had the monster exhausted but so were we! I literally had to pull him out of the water with my truck! I was able to tape his mouth and the rest is history!!! Due to the nature of this gator he was not able to be relocated. His loss of fear could’ve been deadly!

You have to see this one to believe it:

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