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Below our Pro-Staff team writes letters to their fathers to express their love and gratitude for Father’s Day. Show your own dad your love and appreciation this Father’s Day, and take 10% off your CollegiateCamo order at checkout using promo code FATHER during the entire month of June. Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there.



I just wanted to say thank you for introducing me to the outdoors.  All those times you took me deer hunting and fishing at the local sand pits all contributed to the passion I have for the outdoors today.  I have many fond memories of the trips we took and hope one day to pass the ethical practices and appreciation for the outdoors you taught me onto your grandson.   I look forward to the many outings we have in the future and thank you again for always being there for me.  Happy Father’s Day!

Your Son,

Mark VanHouten


My dad is one of the biggest influences in my life. From when I was just going out to a deer stand with him when I was 5 years old to today, he’s always been there for me. He’s always done what was best for the family, and for that I cannot thank him enough. My dad is one heck of a man. I hope one day I can still be just like him.

Brad Tansey


On this Father’s Day I would like to take time and personally thank my father, David Truesdale, for all that he has done for me as a father.  He is the sole reason for my interest in the outdoors.  Like many fathers, my dad introduced me to fishing at a very young age.  It was his interest in fishing, and my yearning to be like my father, that has led me to become a successful fisherman and successful in life.  Without his guidance throughout my adolescence, and still today, I would not be the person I am today.  Although he is getting older and the hip replacements persist, we still continue to fish together when our schedules permit.  And now that he has a cell phone, we text each other when our favorite sports teams play!  I hope one day I can be as good of a father as you were to me.

Matt Truesdale


My father is a great role model for me and has taught me countless lessons in life. He has taught me about consistency, hard work, patience and compassion. We have a unique bond with endless memories, inside jokes and is evident in our close relationship. He has helped my through life by giving me many opportunities and introducing me to new things all of the time (especially shooting, hunting and fishing). He is the most reliant man in my life and for that, I’m so lucky to have him as my daddy. His loyalty and support has been tested through the hottest days, thickest storms and long, strenuous hours and is proof of his love to me and our family. He’s been there to sweep me up every time I fall, wipe away tears of a broken heart and his smile glows with pride every time he sees me accomplish my goals. This is a man that took the time to teach his daughter about football, how to clean an elk and work on her pickup. My best memory of him thus far is when he and my mother came to San Antonio, TX to watch me shoot my last year at ACUI National Clay Target Championship. I was shooting under lights in the All American Shootout after a long day in the Texas heat and they stayed to watch. I lost to my competitor by a couple points and a target I have been smashing all night. As I walked off the field, he was there waiting for me and he gave me the biggest papa bear hug and whispered in my ear how proud he was of me. That night I felt like a champion. Thank you for everything you have given me, the love you’ve shown me and sticking by my side always. Happy Father’s Day to a man that will never be replaced and that will be forever in my heart.  You’ll always be my hero, I love you Daddy Dearest!

Jenny Romanin


Well, what can I not say that I’ve appreciated so much from my father.  My father wasn’t a hunter as I am now but has given me plenty to be thankful for.  I’m very thankful for his enthusiastic support of everything I do, he’s always been on my side.  As he’s gotten older he’s finally shown his soft side of that once tough exterior.  He made me the athlete I was just by being involved in sports and teaching me about sportsmanship.  He will always be there with a lending ear and offer his fatherly advice to life situations.  I’m thankful for you Dad, you’re appreciated more than you know.


Your Son,

Donnie Rogers


“My dad and I have really always been close. We share a lot of the same passions; Animals, being outside, making friends, traveling, eating weird foods, helping those in need, etc. We’re so alike, in fact, that my mom always tells me, “You’re just like your father!” (Unfortunately, it’s usually said when she’s annoyed at me! HA) When I was little, I used to go to work with my dad all summer long at his veterinary clinic, where he would be kind and patient enough to answer my 5 million-a-day questions. As I grew, my love and respect for my dad continued to grow as well. As I moved away and went to college, I learned how much I rely on my dad for everything in life. He is literally the wisest, most caring, and respected person I know, and I truly am blessed to have him in my life. My relationship with my dad took a huge leap this February when he and I went thousands of miles from home on a missions trip to help the people of Haiti. While in Haiti, my dad and I became even closer as we worked tirelessly to help improve the lives of the Haitians. We got the chance to show our great teamwork and compassion as we spent time building an orphanage, teaching the children, treating the livestock, and making new friendships. The experience was so amazing that we are planning another trip back to see our Haitian family. The strength, courage, love, and faith that I saw in my dad was amazing. I can’t help but pray I will learn to be more like him. So now when my mom says that I am being, “Just like your father”, I just smile and hope that I really am!”

Paige Woodruff


One thing that I cannot get tired of is hearing that I remind people of my father, Joe Moore, and its something that take great pride in.  Even though I do not feel that I am half the man that he is, he would still say the same of himself when speaking of his father, Charlie Moore my grandpa.  My father has always been there when I needed him and always supported each and every decision I have made throughout college and my work career.  Although I took many whippings from the man and swore up and down Id never speak to him again after making me spend all of those days in the hayfield, I could not ask for a better father figure in my life.  He is my best friend and the person I look up to most in my life, and I share every single activity in the outdoors with him as much as possible.  Not only did my father chase ducks with me growing up, he also continued throughout the end of college with me in Canahttp://www.collegiatecamo.com/blog/wp-admin/post-new.phpda, as well as Upland bird hunting with me in West Texas for about the past 8 or 9 years.  He is a person of outstanding character and the best work ethic I have ever seen.  He taught me things of importance such as family, integrity, and how your word to a man is as important as anything.  So, I take this opportunity to say thank you dad for all the times you have been there and all the times that you have caught me when I fell, and I look forward to being there for you from here on out.

Grant Moore

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