The Well Armed Woman

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A few months ago, we wrote about some of the most influential groups to the hunting and outdoor industry. Perhaps one of the most important groups to women, is The Well Armed Woman.

The goal of The Well Armed Woman, from owner Carrie Lightfoot, is “to equip, educate and empower you as a woman gun owner.” That is extremely important, especially to us at CollegiateCamo. With more and more woman becoming interested in firearms, The Well Armed Woman provides a fantastic way for women to get the knowledge they desire, along with the empowerment they deserve.

In addition to educating women about gun ownership, the Well Armed Woman conducts firearms training classes. The group has two different classes, The Well Armed Woman Certification Course (Non NRA) and The Well Armed Woman/National Rifle Association Instructor Course.

The certification courses provides extensive training on gun ownership, excelling and overcoming common obstacles and much more.

At $50 annually for a standard membership, The Well Armed Woman is definitely worth your money. Benefits include:

  • 10% discount on ALL purchases made on The Well Armed Woman website ALL year on regularly priced items.
  • A The Well Armed Woman Shooting Chapter Hat
  • The Well Armed Woman Shooting Chapter Member Card
  • Savings and discounts to chapter members at national and local ranges/stores and resources (these will vary with each chapter and with the local opportunities)
The Well Armed Woman decal from CollegiateCamo

The Well Armed Woman decal from CollegiateCamo

This month, we completed a custom decal order for The Well Armed Woman. If you or someone you know is looking to have custom decals created and printed, look no further. We do custom quotes on all orders, and we will quote you a great price on your project.

We at CollegiateCamo are proud to be a part of such an amazing and empowering organization like The Well Armed Woman. If you’re a woman who’s interested in learning more about gun ownership, or you’re willing to help others learn, then we think The Well Armed Woman is the place to do it.

Happy shooting!

The CollegiateCamo family

Jugging pre-season & wedding

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Well, it’s almost the big day! That’s right, Ohio’s bow season opens exactly 12 days from today. I couldn’t be more excited! Oh, wait. That’s not the big day I’m supposed to be talking about.. The first big day is my wedding day. My fiancee and I are getting married on Sept. 20.

Now I will tell you I love her more than anything. But with that love has to come with some compromise. I know all you hardcore guys out there are saying there’s no way you’d be getting hitched this close to hunting season. (Secretly, I asked the wedding be the 20th instead of the 27th for the right reasons!) But to tell you the truth, it hasn’t been that bad. I’ve really had it easy with all of this wedding planning. Brittany has been on top of it all, while I’m able to help out and also get ready for bow season.

It really all comes down to planning & more planning. It’s sometimes difficult to plan your days and weeks out, but it really does come in handy. For example, planning all of your wedding preparations for the mornings so you’re able to get into the woods & prep for season in the afternoons or vice versa. It doesn’t hurt to help to have someone who definitely understands your hunting way of life.

So as I write this, we’re putting the finishing touches on preparations, so it’s really hard to find a good topic to write about. So, I’ll continue to ramble on about the next two weeks of my life.

After getting married on Saturday, we’re heading to Nashville, Tennessee for our honeymoon. We went to Nashville a few years ago, and loved it. We’ll be there through Sept. 25, returning just in time for archery season!

I’ll have Friday to get all packed up and head to deer camp for the weekend. I figured what better way to break into our marriage than a nice honeymoon followed by a weekend without me at home.

I'll be after "Wide Load" starting Sept. 27

I’ll be after “Wide Load” starting Sept. 27!

Hopefully I’ll be writing my next entry about how well our wedding went, and hopefully holding a picture of a big buck!

In the meantime, share your hunting memories and pictures with us on our social media pages:



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Our Ode to Mothers

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On this Mother’s Day I would like to take the time to say thank you to the best Mommy in the world, my wife, Amy Rogers. Our two sons are very blessed to have the mother that they do. Amy sacrifices so much for our boys and does everything she can to make sure their needs and wants are met. Amy has her hands full. Easton and Camden are a spitting image of me, they both love sports and they both love the outdoors. Thank you, Amy, for putting up with us boys. Thank you for keeping our home together and always being there when we return from a hunting/fishing trip. Easton, Camden, and I love you very much Amy. Happy Mother’s Day!!!

~ Jeremy Rogers

My mom and I have always been close, but the last few weeks have brought us even closer. I’m excited to announce that I am getting married July 27th of this year. Although planning a wedding in 4 months has my mom a bit stressed, it’s been so much fun getting to share this part of life with her. All of the shopping trips and brainstorming sessions have brought us closer than ever. Change can often times put stress on relationships, but when it comes to my mom and I’s relationship, it just brings us closer! Thanks Mom for always being there, and loving me even when I drive you crazy! LOVE YOU!

~ Paige Woodruff

I have had a fairy-tale childhood and was raised in a very loving home. I want to thank my mom for everything she has done that has contributed to making me the person I am today. We make one heck of a mother-daughter team. She’s always been in my corner and always had my back through all of my endeavors. But most of all she has shown me endless love… That means more than anything I could think of. Even on “her” day she always takes care of the family. I hope to be half the woman she is someday. I love you mom and wish you many more blessings to come. I’m always here for you.

While my mother will always be my hero and in my heart, there are some other women that I would like to thank as well. I have had several mom’s adopt me as their own and have contributed to my up bringing. They’ve fed me, consoled me and shown me continous support. On this special day I’d like to send them joyous wishes and a relaxing day. They deserve it!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of my mom’s!

~ Jenny Romanin

Memories of MY Outdoor MOMMA.

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Well, unfortunately, I only have memories left of my awesome Mom since her passing February 23, 2012. This is probably the absolute hardest blog I have ever written! While I am blessed with outstanding memories of my mom, I am also saddened that all I have is memories instead of the chance of making new ones. There is so much I could say and spend hours writing about the wonderful woman I called MOM.

Where do I begin with such a remarkable woman? How do I begin to tell you, what can I say that would possibly begin to show you what kind of woman she was?

As a little boy, yes I was once little (smiley face), I recollect one of my very first memories that made me see my fearless MOM as a superwoman of sorts. I was playing in my backyard in Granite City, Illinois as my Dad was mowing the yard. I was busy digging for dinosaur bones when something caught my eye slithering across the yard. Yep you guessed it, a gardner snake. It slid by me and being my mothers son, I grabbed it!!! I held it, it bit me, I bit it back and ran with it clutched in my hands towards the house where obviously my mom was watching my encounter intently. As I approached her I remember her saying “what do you have now?” With my reply being “a snake and it bit me!!” and her look was of no surprise to my answer of her question of “what did you do to it?” “Well, mom…” in my little innocent am I gonna get in trouble boy voice I simply said ” I bit it back!!!” I can still see the smile on her face, her laughter was priceless!

That was the beginning of the memories I have left. I cannot tell you how many times she would help me catch a turtle crossing the road due to me crying about it being run over by a vehicle or how when we passed a cow pasture she would go over what kind of cows they were in the field or the times when we all went fishing she wasn’t afraid of baiting her own hook, or my sisters, while my Dad looked on with a proud smile of the wife and family he had. The times she would swing with me and try to teach me to whistle like the birds singing over our heads in the shade tree. I cannot begin to tell you how many hours she spent teaching me how to throw and catch a football or baseball.

I can remember times when my Dad would have to work and she’d go kill some squirrels and clean them and fry them up for dinner. She knew how to skin a rabbit, a deer and shoot pheasants. Yes, that was my Mom. She could fish, hunt, love me, discipline me, and even change her own tire if it went flat! So you can understand the woman I’m am trying to describe to you in a short remembrance is a very hard task! How can I possibly fill you in and paint the absolute picture of my outdoor Momma?

Is it by me telling you about the time I killed my first deer and she stood by my side directing my knife to strategically cut, gut, quarter and place it in a cooler? How about the time she helped me earn so many of my boyscout badges or maybe even the times she read the Bible to me with explanations pertaining to life, the outdoors,  the verses it carried with it and My background of who to truly call on… Or maybe I should tell you about the time we saw a possum get hit by a car and I cried for her to pull over and to our surprise it had babies attached to it and the hours she spent with a baby doll bottle nursing them back to health?

It seems that my upbringing had me set to be known as “The GatorMan” when I caught my first gator and brought my trophy home alive. Her first reaction was to hold it so she could have her picture taken to show off to her sisters!! She knew no limitations and had a very strong will that I believe all animals detected in her. I can remember a story I was told by my Grandma about my mom as a little girl. They had a mouse in their house and she was determined to catch it, even against my Grandma’s orders not too! Well, my Mom was defiant on what my Grandma said and ended up catching the mouse with her hands. The result of that was being bitten by the mouse and her only response was to shake it off her hand. For whatever reason the mouse ran about two feet and killed over!! I have no explanation of why the mouse died after biting her though!

I was always taught, by both my parents, only kill what I eat and always respect the animals that die for me to live. My fearless mother is a major part of my animal instinct. How could you have a mom like mine and not turn out the way I have.

You see, the memories of my outdoor Momma are countless. As you can tell, my Mom was a fearless outdoors woman. She was the Brenda Valentine of her time and for that, I thank the good Lord above for allowing me the honor of having her as my MOTHER.

Mom….I love you! I miss YOU! I know you are watching me type this with tears in my eyes but I just wanted to share a little of you with the world. While I hold on to our memories I strive to continually make you proud! Thank you, for allowing me to share her with you all!


REST IN PEACE, Laura Jean Bartow. Thank You for always being You!!!


Check out Donny’s adventures at!/donnygatorman.bartow

Light a Fire This Valentine’s Day

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It’s that time of year once again…. It’s just around the corner… The holiday often dreaded because you don’t know what to get your lover. Valentine’s Day is only a couple weeks away. Time is running out to get them a special something to “light a fire” and show that you care!

Ladies… Are you pondering what to get your huntin’ hunny this year? Guys, still lost on what you get your huntress hottie?  No need to fret!

How about our sexy lingerie that will work as a gift for both!

We have lingerie in several styles, patterns and colors that can bring spark to your evening of romance. CollegiateCamo will be offering a special on lingerie through Feb 15th. In order to get your 20% off be sure to use discount code “heart20” at the check out when you purchase our “hot” Wilderness Dreams Lingerie for your Valentine.

Keep those Boys Happy

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Hey Ladies!
It’s that time of year once again… Your man is constantly up at all hours… Not answering his phone… Disappearing with the sun… Showing up covered in mud and blood… And he’s always with his buddies.
Where has he been? Well he’s been out in the field, in a blind or on a boat and why you may ask… Because it’s hunting season. This can be a roller coaster of emotion for him. Either he had a great day and filled his tag or reached his limit or he may not have seen anything with a heart beat all day. I’m gonna let you in on the top ten ways to show some love to your hunter this season.
10.) Make a photo album of his best and favorite hunts. It will give him bragging rights with proof, plus lets you in on some of the excitement.
9.) Make some room in the shower to put a bottle of Scent-Lok Body and Hair Wash next to your Herbal Essence and fruity body scrub. He’ll appreciate the thought.

8.) Instead of spending the evening watching Dancing with the Stars or Lifetime give him the remote and suggest watching OLN, Pursuit or any other Outdoor Network Channel that you get and take the time to watch it with him. You may learn something new.
7.) Brew him a hot cup of Joe in the Morning with a thermos To-Go. Pack him some quiet snacks too. 
6.) Instead of getting him another tie or something he’ll not be excited to use for Christmas… Do some research, look for things he’ll need for future hunts or for preparing for a hunt. He may need some new broadheads, a scope or decoys. He’ll be impressed by your hidden skills.
5.) Surprise him when he gets home by modeling a Naked North® Snow Chemise by Weber’s Wilderness Deams that you just bought.
4.) Remember those flowers that he bought you “just because”? Go ahead and research the type of ammo that he shoots frequently. Buy him a box or two and leave them somewhere obvious where he will find them, “just because”…
3.) Don’t get mad when he talks about the massive racks he’s be seeing lately, especially on his way home… He’s talking about the deer or elk.
2.) Find a good recipe for his freshly killed harvest. The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.
And finally….
1.) Show interest in his passion for hunting and the outdoors. While he enjoys the time for male bonding, most likely he wants to share that experience with you too.

“Women of the Outdoors” for Sale

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Are you looking for that gift for your Outdoor’s man?

 Maybe something that will keep him on track?

 Maybe something that won’t let him forget what special day it is…. Well, you’re in luck!

 Our “Women of the Outdoors” calendar is now available for purchase on! This calendar debuts our Huntin’ Hotties, Sassy Shooters, Extravagant Equestrians and our very own from our CollegiateCamo ProStaff Team. These lovely ladies can be found pursuing deer on the peaks, shooting targets across the country, horseback riding across the Plains and hiding in their blind waiting to pull the trigger.

 This is the perfect gift for the outdoorsman in your life!

This calendar can be yours for only $10.00!

Get one before they run out!

Sassy Shooters….Do You Know One?

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Written by CollegiateCamo Pro-Staff Jenny Romanin

More and more women are being seen in the outdoors and they are an audience that is a hot topic. Times are changing and while shooting is typically seen as a male dominated sport and industry, ladies are making their stiletto tracks and adding their special touches. There have been an increase amount of ranges across the country that provide a “Ladies Day,” conservation groups that sponsor hunts for the female gender and there are more women run organizations within the sporting industry. Manufactures have found a new niche and are producing items that are more “female friendly” to help those estrogens infused individuals.

I grew up in the outdoors and have always had a passion for the fresh smelling scent and the pursuit of critters. In that time I have seen a swell in women’s hunting apparel, gun education and safety classes geared towards ladies and an overall more initiative for us ladies to get involved. These aspects have definitely helped reduced the intimidation factor and accommodate our differences from males. Us girls can go out with our pink nail polish and sparkly earrings and still be our feminine selves in a male dominated sport and industry.  

In collegiate shooting I have seen bedazzled out apparel, zebra print guns, pink grips and countless other creative and unique touches to bring a gal’s style to the field. These accentuates have helped make the shooting sports more appealing to ladies, especially since you don’t have to look or smell like a guy to enjoy it.

Remember ladies… Keep it Sassy!


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