Protecting Our Outdoor Heritage

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We all know the outdoor world we know and love is constantly under attack. Whether it’s from politicians who want nothing more than to regulate us, or to groups who think they’re protecting animals by protesting us outdoorsmen and women, we’ve always got a fight on our hands.

What’s nice about the outdoors is there’s always people who are willing to stand up against those and protect our rights. I’ve compiled a few of my favorite groups that protect our hunting and outdoor heritage.

1. National Rife Association (NRA)-Well, what can you say? The NRA is America’s longest standing civil rights organization, constantly fighting to protect our Second Amendment rights. I can’t say enough good things about the NRA. With an outstanding reputation and following, the NRA is always on our side when it comes to our rights. Do yourself a favor and consider joining the cause with the NRA.

2. Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA)-The Quality Deer Management Association mission is “to ensure the future of white-tailed deer, wildlife habitat and our hunting heritage.” And it truly does just that. Since 1988, the QDMA has increased awareness across the country while compiling some of the best programs known. Programs such as herd management, herd monitoring and hunter management. Some of the tips and awareness QDMA brings to hunters will certainly ensure a healthy white-tail herd for years to come.

3. National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF)-The National Wild Turkey Federation is the leader in protecting the conservation of the wild turkey and our hunting heritage. Founded in 1973, the NWTF has helped restore a sustainable wild turkey population across the United States. With a local chapter in all 50 states, the NWTF has helped grow the population from 30,000 to more than 7 million across the United States, Mexico and Canada.

4. Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF)-The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation has made its history on protecting and ensuring the future of Rocky Mountain elk and our hunting heritage. Founded in 1984 by four hunters in Montana, the RMEF now has more than 500 chapters across the United States. With each member, 90% of the dues go toward accomplishing the organization’s mission, while 6% goes to administrative costs and the remaining 4% goes to future fundraising.

These groups are the epitome of what our rights as citizens mean. You have the NRA constantly fighting to ensure we always have our right to bear arms, then you have groups like the NWTF, RMEF and QDMA working toward a common goal of ensuring we have a thriving population of whitetail deer, wild turkeys and elk for our future generations to enjoy. I think it’s great to see ourselves as sportsmen and women bond together for a common goal, and these groups certainly represent just that.

It’s Your Right to Choose!

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February 14th in the year 2012 wasn’t  just for Valentine’s Day… As many of you have heard, an anti-gun group  prepared to boycott Starbucks for abiding by state and federal laws by allowing those who choose to legally carry firearms to do so. As a result, those who elect to live a pro-gun lifestyle will be showing their support by making purchases with $2 bills to offset any financial losses due to this cause.

While Starbucks may not be pro-gun, they give their clients the respect to allow them to make their own decisions regarding the 2nd Amendment.

While many have their reasons for choosing what they believe, it is up to that individual to decide. If you are a firm supporter of the 2nd Amendment and the Constitution I encourage you to grab a cup of Joe, a calming tea or a hot chocolate to warm up in support of Starbucks.

We’ll be following this story to see what happened.

Want to find out more information? Go to

9th Annual “Eat an Animal for PETA Day”

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I was invited to Eat an Animal for PETA Day via facebook a few days ago. The event is taking place tomorrow, March 15, 2011. I have to say, I was a little shocked to receive an invitation only because I had never heard of this even before. I have done some research, looked online for information and came to some of my own conclusions about this organization. I encourage others to do the same. Just to throw a hint out there, most things in life are “black and white”, but I’m thinking some of their practices may fall into a “grey” area.

So, will I Eat an Animal for PETA tomorrow? Yup. I eat animals daily. They provide plenty of protein and taste delicious. As of right now, there are 56,460 people “attending” this tongue-in-cheek event. While you are thinking about it, do you need a truck tag that says “EAT DEER” OR “EAT DUCK”? If you are an avid person of the outdoors, you probably need one. We carry them here at CollegiateCamo.

The Economic Impact of the Firearms Industry

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How sick and tired are you of hearing about the rotten economy?  Ever want to really do something about it? Then get your guns out!

Get the word out to your friends that you and your huntin’ buddies account for the vast majority of the economic support to keep parks and recreation going for all mankind regardless of their personal thoughts and feelings about hunting.  And, you provide much needed jobs for many.

Anglers also contribute strongly to conservation via their licenses and permits. Most likely, if you’re anything like us, you do both.

According to a recently commissioned report just out in April, from the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the report detailed a significant economic impact that the firearms and ammunition industry has on the nation’s economy as well as each state’s economy.

“In 2009 our industry increased its contribution to wildlife conservation by over 37.6 percent, which translates into sportsmen contributing more than $7.5 million dollars daily to conservation efforts,” NSSF Senior Vice President and General Counsel Lawrence G. Keane said.

Oh yeah, taxes are much more than a “four-letter word.”  Just look at how much your hard earned dollars contributed to the national economy when you purchased guns and ammo in the last couple of years:


2008 2009
Federal Taxes $1,503,740,471 $2,035,154,440
State Taxes $1,299,088,678 $1,909,417,793
Excise Taxes $327,070,867 $450,177,780

And due to your outdoor passion and your purchasing power your support is keeping workers off the unemployment line.

Firearms and Ammunition Industry Economic Impact

2008 2009
Jobs 166,200 183,424
Wages $6,361,205,400 $8,210,881,000
Econ Impact $19,199,634,700 $27,846,304,300

Let’s look at a few states to see how many jobs the firearms and ammunition industry supported in 2009:

  • Alabama:  1352
  • Arizona: 2296
  • Arkansas 1208
  • California 6980
  • Florida 4276
  • Georgia 1703
  • Illinois 2706
  • Kansas 1157
  • Michigan 2582
  • Missouri 2702
  • Nebraska 3299
  • Texas 6085.

(For a complete list check out the full NSSF 2010 Economic Impact Study)

So to my fellow gun-toting, ammo-buying buddies, we are obviously doing our part for the “economic stimulus.” What is President Obama doing?

Allow Licensed Students to Carry Firearms on Campus

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If you feel like we do, you probably really like your freedom to be able to carry your firearms. If you watch the news, or just pay attention to news items in general, violence is everywhere. From big cities to tiny communities, there is always the possibility of someone doing something stupid with a gun or other weapon. We fully support the right to protect yourself, no matter where you may be. We are not supporting gratuitous violence, just supporting the right to protect yourself and quite possibly, others. We have all seen or heard of a crazed gunman going somewhere and emptying round after round and clip after clip into a crowd of innocent people. What if, just one time, someone stood up and fired back and took out the person causing all the chaos and pain?

We appreciate what the police departments and sheriff’s departments around this country do. But, by the time the 911 emergency call has come in, something bad has already happened. They can only respond as quick as they possibly can. College campuses are huge. Police will have a difficult time getting to the scene of the crime. I have never seen a news interview where witnesses say, “Boy, I’m really glad the innocent victims couldn’t protect themselves.” They speak of the horror of seeing innocent people slaughtered and the atrocity that unfolded before their eyes.  We fully support the right to conceal and carry on campus and with that, we want to shed some light on a web site called This organization fully stands up for gun rights on campus. They are hitting it nationally as well. Their site delivers a lot of great information for students, alumni and just regular citizens who look forward to protecting themselves while on campus. Most intresting of their items is the Empty Holster Protest which takes place in the spring of each year. The college you attend or graduated from received a lot of money on your behalf, you deserve to have your opinion heard. You can write to your university or alumni association and let them know that students have rights to protect themselves.

Concealed Carry on Campus Debate Heats Up

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Students for Concealed Carry on Campus Empty Holster ProtestA major national topic right now that is latent with ongoing protests and legal battles nationwide is the issue of whether to allow college students to carry concealed weapons on university campuses when they are licensed with a conceal and carry permits. Nearly every national news station and publication has reported on this major issue recently, and we figured it was time for CollegiateCamo to weigh in.

Students for Concealed Carry on Campus (a pro-gun campus organization) and the protest to allow concealed weapons for permitted carriers on campus were featured in articles from World Net Daily and Human Events to the Christian Science Monitor and the Weekly Standard. They have even been mentioned in disaster-preparedness magazine Firestorm Heather. This organization is a national grassroots movement with more than 44,000 college students, college faculty, parents and concerned citizens who support the right to self-defense and firearm protection on college campuses. SCCC is not affiliated with a particular political party.

We at CollegiateCamo were impressed with the SCCC’s “empty holster protest.” Roughly 130 colleges nationwide participated from April 5 to April 9 to defend their position on gun rights and the right to self-defense on college campuses. These impassioned members and others who stand behind them are fighting for the right to carry on campus with proper permits, and they are even seeing some success! On May 5, the Colorado State University Board of Governors voted to rescind their illegal ban on concealed carry on campus. We want to send our kudos to the Colorado State Rams for supporting gun rights and protecting our youth on campus!

Several other states are reportedly planning to hold hearings on the subject of concealed carry on campus, including Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma. This topic will no doubt run rampant through U.S. courts at all levels. Some say that state laws should stand everywhere, and not be suddenly denied once someone crosses onto university grounds. This is not a new topic – these protests tie directly into our Second Amendment Constitutional rights! University students, professors and visitors claim they are being discriminated against. Others defend the universities’ rights to make the decision on whether guns should be banned or allowed on campus.

Currently 23 states allow their state universities to choose their own gun policies, and almost all of them ban weapons on campus. It all starts with the states first before the option of “where to carry on campus” is permitted. Only two states in the nation do not have concealed carry laws – Illinois and Wisconsin. Illinois bans both open carry and concealed carry, while Wisconsin does not allow the open carrying of guns. Some say that concealed carry laws place proper restrictions on who can and cannot privately tout their firearms.

License to carry a concealed weapon is a privilege and right granted by the states only to firearms owners who are at least 21 years old, have passed a thorough criminal background check, and have completed special training courses to be licensed. Proponents of the right to carry firearms on campus take the stance that if a carrier is properly trained and legally approved by the state to carry, they should have the right to carry anywhere. The only one defenseless here is the law-abiding citizen!Many students are also protesting that their rights to free speech has been violated when they are prevented from protesting for their right to bear arms on campus.

No doubt these debates and protests will continue as the issue makes its way through state courts until it bubbles up to the highest levels of legislation.

We at CollegiateCamo believe that any citizen who has gone through the proper training and steps to become licensed by the state and legally carry a gun for self-defense should be allowed to carry their firearm on- or off-campus. Our right to bear arms should apply anywhere in the state – including on college campuses. Our young people should have every right to carry responsibly and defend themselves when absolutely necessary – in an all-out campus shooting, a female rape victim defending herself late at night walking home from the university library, or any other dangerous and violent situation where otherwise our children would be left defenseless.

Is carrying your gun anywhere with the proper permits an absolute right? Did the framers of the Constitution mean for the “right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” excerpt to have an asterisk that says “except on university campuses”? We want to hear your thoughts, even if you disagree! What do you think?

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