Thursday, May 28, 2015
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At CollegiateCamo we take pride in taking care of our clients. Your comments, questions and suggestions are important to us. Send CollegiateCamo an email, or call or write to us at the information below. We look forward to hearing from you!


General Questions / Customer Service

CollegiateCamo, Inc.
Toll-Free: (888) 417-9386

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 23100
Overland Park, KS 66283


Refund Policy

All products fully refundable within 30 days of purchase except lingerie and loungewear. No returns on lingerie underwear. Shipping fees will only be refunded if shipment is considered a warehouse error.


Become a Dealer

If you are interested in selling for CollegiateCamo, Inc. please contact us


Represent or Sell Our Line

Send resume to


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About CollegiateCamo


CollegiateCamo combines your love for the outdoors with your loyalty to your team. Since 2005, CollegiateCamo is the original camo college decal and apparel store. From college camouflage truck decals to jumbo decals for boats, CollegiateCamo is the ultimate source of all things college and camo! CollegiateCamo offers only the finest quality car and truck decals, jumbo boat decals, hats and headwear, shirts, outerwear, women's items and lingerie, and other camouflage college logo products to show your school pride and passion for hunting and fishing.


History of CollegiateCamo


Hello. I'd like to share with all of our visitors how this project began and is progressing to bring to you CollegiateCamo brand apparel and accessories. The first phase of CollegiateCamo/CamoCat originated from the concept of two interests and passions. 


The goal of this concept was for Kansas State Wildcat supporters to combine their loyalty for outdoor activities with their strong support of the Wildcats all in one integrated design. Since most of us take great pride in displaying what is of value to us, integrating these concepts seemed appropriate. 


My family, friends and especially my brother, Mitch and I are strong supporters of hunting, fishing and shooting. And, since we are Kansas residents with a connection to KSU this concept seemed to be a natural for all of us to validate our passions. 

What was born initially was the Wildcat Waterfowler theme, which was my first concept and from that grew the other designs currently available. Stay tuned for additional themes and items as this concept progresses. 


The popularity of the brand has spurred interest from customers and prospective customers to expand the offering to other universities and colleges. Since my parents are and always have been strong supporters and alumni of Mizzou it was natural to expand there. Now we are offering KSU and Mizzou logo CollegiateCamo decals, apparel and accessories, along with a host of other schools. Stay tuned for many more additions in the near future! 


My hope is that you are able to enjoy the visual display of the decals on your vehicle as well as wear CollegiateCamo designs with pride. 

Marty Morris


What types of camouflage does CollegiateCamo use for its decals and apparel?


CollegiateCamo is proud to use only the highest quality brand names in camouflage. CollegiateCamo also uses our very own trademarked, custom camouflage called Back Woods Pursuit. In our caps and several of our college decals, we use RealTree camouflage Advantage Max 4. RealTree camo was founded in 1986 by Bill Jordan. On our lingerie and loungewear, we use MossyOak Break Up, New MossyOak and. MossyOak camo was founded in West Point, Mississippi by Toxey Haas. CollegiateCamo is also now licensed for Natural Gear camo!


How do I get my school, college or university on CollegiateCamo?


If you would like to have your prestigious school's logo turned into the highest quality camo decals and apparel, simply e-mail us at Let our trusted representatives guide you through the process of creating the hottest college camo decals, apparel and gift items!


What forms of payment does the CollegiateCamo store accept?


CollegiateCamo, Inc. accepts all major credit cards Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover to pay for your high-quality college camo decals, apparel and accessories. Shopping in the CollegiateCamo online store is secure.


Decal Application Instructions:


1. Clean surface to remove any dirt or dust before applying decal.

2. Carefully peel off the bottom corner of the clear transfer tape while holding down the white backing.

3. Gently apply the clear transfer tape (with decal still attached) to the desired location with a credit card or other straight edge with a slow, sweeping motion. Start from one edge or corner and work toward the opposite side to avoid creases or bubbles.

4. Slowly peel back the clear transfer tape at a 45-degree angle; the vinyl decal material should adhere to the application surface. If the decal starts to pull with the clear transfer tape, carefully lay it back down on the surface and use a straight edge to apply pressure to the edges